Book of the Day 9/20/22

The Art of Anshie: A Very Niche Collection by Anshie Kagan

(Art / Individual Artists)

If you are interested in art that mixes comic, pop art, vintage, and retro styles with Jewish themes, then The Art of Anshie is the book for you. Personally, my background studying art is limited to say the least. But I found Anshie’s work to be fascinating. The book, in a way, felt like a journey through his mind. His art is unlike anything I’ve ever seen, and his attention to the little details is quite amazing.

In this volume of his work, you’ll see a compelling showcase of retro-religious paintings, drawings, and artwork that take a satiric, but respectful look at Jewish life. All art is inherently unique, but there is something that really makes Anshie’s work stand out from the crowd. His art reflects a distinct style that sometimes takes you back in time, but then pulls you back in to the present moment.

The work is ironic, and sometimes dark. But it covers a variety of concepts that are strongly influenced by the Pop Art movement of the 1950’s. When exploring the artwork within these pages, you’ll see iconic, ultra-Orthodox rabbinic leaders depicted on bright, psychedelic backgrounds. He ties together the new and old wonderfully – particularly through his “Modern Day Commandments” piece. Anshie uses QR codes to represent the Biblical Decalogue – with respect to the blend of technology and religion.

With his art, Anshie intends to bridge the gap between “high art” and “low art”, while also eliminating the divide between fine art and commercial methods. After going through the art in his book, I found myself both intrigued and wanting more. I explored his website and thoroughly enjoyed both his creativity and mastery of his craft in a very niche space.

Within his portfolio, you’ll see creations that offer a completely new twist on pop culture and Jewish life. If you’re looking for an artbook like no other, order The Art of Anshie. You’ll find yourself in a similar situation as I was – deeply interested and amazed by his one-of-a-kind style.

You can also stay in touch with Anshie and his work by following him on Instagram!

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