Book of the Day 9/22/22

Sending People to Heaven: The Undertaker by David John Cook

(Fiction / General)

Sending People to Heaven: The Undertaker is one of the most thoughtful and touching books that I’ve read this year. It shines light on a profession that will affect all of us – but is one that we rarely think about. The novel tells the story of John, a licensed mortician working within the unseen world of caring for the dead.

Throughout the book, author David John Cook takes readers behind the scenes and allows them to experience the serious, and sometimes amusing interactions that John has with his staff as they handle the preparation of the dead and serve the grieving families left behind. Readers will come to understand the complexities of the profession as they learn about the challenges, frustrations, and pain that haunt him. When reading John’s story, you’ll understand how difficult it can be to balance such a particular career with his personal life. His story makes you think deeply about the people who play a massive role in our lives – yet remain overlooked. He is the person, after all, who sends us off with grace and peace.

Death is a commonality amongst all life, yet no one wants to think about it. In most cases, for good reason. This book allows us to think about death differently as it is filled with tender stories that teach the importance of accepting and remembering. Some stories are heart-wrenching, while others are shocking as families face the reality of death. But the book also takes you through an unforgettable journey of life. Deeply profound in its nature, Sending People to Heaven teaches us how to appreciate and value the most important things in life. You will laugh, cry, and learn so much about yourself and the world around you after reading this book.

It is fascinating how discussing death can teach so much about living. Author David John Cook’s writing is meditative and contemplative – and rich with profound insight. You can measure a book’s influence by the way it makes you think and if it makes you think about the world differently. Well, this book certainly does. It allows you to reflect on those who work in the funeral industry – those who are charged with the daunting task of guiding us through the darkest times with humility and grace.

I recommend this book to readers of all ages and backgrounds. Being honest about the reality of death, it teaches the most important lesson of all – to cherish the beauty of life every single day.

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