Book of the Day 9/26/22

Going Off Script by Ruth Doeschner

(Biography & Autobiography / Personal Memoir)

Going Off Script is one of the best selling titles on Bookshop right now, and for good reason. This magnificent memoir presents an unforgettable story about resilience and faith. The book shares Ruth Doeschner’s life story – from her challenging upbringing in Ghana to her life in the United States of America. A story filled with adversity, hardships, and success; the book is certain to motivate readers to overcome the odds in their own lives.

Ruth is one of two daughters who was raised by hard-working, faithful, and hopeful parents. Her life story demonstrates the distinct challenges that they faced growing up poor in a third-world country. The book shares the importance of remaining resilient, courageous, and strong as her family persevered every day in hopes of a better life. As you read about her early years, you’ll be blown away by both Ruth and her family’s tremendous spirit as they never gave up despite facing immense odds.

As the story progresses, Ruth’s life changes dramatically, but one constant remains. She must always respond to challenges and life-changing circumstances. The better days finally come, and she makes it to America – the American Dream is within her grasp. She starts to feel empowered and rejuvenated with joy, faith, and belief in the goodness of people. But, with the jubilation of America comes an inescapable harsh reality, and adversity strikes once again. However, the way that she responds to it is certain to take your breath away.

Going Off Script is a real life success story like no other that will have you glued to each page. As you read the book, you’ll be captivated as Ruth manages to overcome the odds with grace, humility, and courage. It’s a story filled with love and heartbreak, obstacles and triumph, and incredible honesty. Behind every successful person is an extraordinary story, and Ruth’s does not disappoint. Discover the full picture of Ruth’s life as you get vulnerable access to the journey behind her stardom, and her personality behind the limelight.

You can stay up to date with Ruth’s life by following her on Instagram. Her content reflects a ‘life less scripted’, and emphasizes both honesty and relatability.

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