Book of the Day 9/9/22

The Firefighter Family Academy by Rachelle Zemlok


Our Book of the Day is an essential companion for spouses of firefighters and other first-responders. Written by Dr. Rachelle Zemlok, a clinical psychologist and a happy fire spouse, The Firefighter Family Academy is filled with information to support you and your family in a profession like no other.

Being a first responder family brings its own unique challenges. In addition to loving someone who works a job that can be dangerous, there are also practical challenges. For example, it can be difficult to manage the first responder schedule – working on holidays, and the ever-changing routine. When your spouse heads off to a job filled with what-ifs, you find yourself flipping between single parenting and co-parenting. Adapting to this reality is not easy, and Rachelle Zemlok’s book is a perfect tool to help support those navigating through this sometimes tumultuous life.

With this book, you’ll find support every step of the way. Whether it be dealing with the stress from the academy, hectic schedules, holiday disruptions, or missed family functions, this book’s professional advice and personal stories will help you adapt to these ever-changing challenges.

I understand how easy it could be to feel alone. Especially when your significant other is a first-responder, it can be hard to find anyone who can relate to your problems and understand the circumstances.

Rachelle Zemlok is someone who understands. She has several family members who work in law enforcement, emergency medical services, and firefighting. And as a licensed clinical psychologist, her advice is both knowledgeable and influential. Rachelle currently works full time providing treatment in a managed care setting that serves children and families with a range of mental health challenges.

I admire her for writing this book, and I hope that it helps families who need it. After completing the rigors of the academy, it’s easy to only focus on the firefighter’s future since there is plenty in store – filled with ups and downs. This book brings the attention back to the spouse and the family, because everything will change for them as well. If you are in these shoes and find yourself filled with questions and even fears, then you found the right book. With the essential information in this guide, you’ll be enlightened with powerful knowledge that will help you and your firefighting family thrive.

You can learn more about Rachelle and her work by visiting her website.

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