Book of the Day: A Recycling Adventure to the Scrapyard!

A Recycling Adventure to the Scrapyard! by Shaziya M. Jaffer, Brad W. Rudover, Jessica Alexanderson and Scrap University Kids

(Children’s Fiction / Ages 6-10)

The Scrap University Kids team is back with another instant classic children’s book! A sequel to their first book, A Recycling Adventure to the Scrapyard is a must-have resource to help kids learn more about recycling metal and caring for the planet. In this sequel story, Ellie and her friends discover that metal is being thrown into the garbage – and they take action to make a difference!

Scrap University Kids makes one important message clear – all metal can be recycled, and metal recycles forever. Obviously, we should always recycle items like cans. But in this book, we’re reminded that metal is metal – and it can be recycled in any form. So, in a quest for a cleaner environment, Ellie and her friends set their sights on all the metal items being thoughtlessly tossed in the trash. They seek out everything from Christmas lights to pots, pans, and all other metal items (even unicorn shoes)!

Joined by Mr. Ferrous Magglio and Gallium the Unicorn, they embark on a meaningful journey to the scrapyard that teaches them plenty – like the difference between ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The book is loaded with bright, cute illustrations and charming storytelling. The Scrap University Kids team does a wonderful job blending imaginative themes with practical education. The story allows children to simultaneously imagine and conceptualize an adventurous story – while also opening their minds to relevant, real-life information. Plus, they will learn how to make some extra cash by partaking in neighborhood clean-up efforts.

This is the perfect book to introduce to children – especially as they transition back to school this Fall. By reading, children will learn the significance of recycling metals and will have plenty of fun throughout the process. Children are the next generation – our planet depends on their environmental awareness and action. Reading the Scrap University Kids’ books is the best way to teach kids the value of recycling and environmental action. You can order your copy of A Recycling Adventure to the Scrapyard today. Additionally, you can learn more about Scrap University Kids by visiting their website, or by watching our previous interview here.  

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