Book of the Day: Day Rates, Night Sweats, and Often Barcelona In Between

Day Rates, Night Sweats, and Often Barcelona in Between by Paul Kayaian

(Fiction, Short Stories / Romance & Adventure)

There is a profound connection between place and plot. Sometimes, the setting of a story can be so influential that it in a way, it is the main character. This is evident in Paul Kayaian’s marvelous collection of short stories, Day Rates, Night Sweats, and Often Barcelona in Between.

The book is one for fiction readers, dreamers, and those with an insatiable desire to explore. This eclectic collection covers themes of love, murder, heroes, villains, sports, laughter, sorrow, and the enchanting world of tapas. At its core, it is a celebration of the vibrant, occasionally enchanting, and sometimes starkly brutal city of Barcelona.

Through the author’s keen eye and evocative storytelling, Barcelona comes to life as a place that is at once lovely, occasionally magical, and, in some instances, unapologetically harsh. Its streets, people, and culture serve as the backdrop for narratives that weave together the beauty and complexity of this remarkable city. It is a delightful tapestry of literary treasures, ranging from poignant short stories to insightful observations and, at times, thought-provoking social commentary. The collection also offers glimpses of the world of sports and the enduring power of laughter, as well as moments of introspective sadness.

Author Paul Kayaian splits his time between New York and Barcelona. You can explore more of his work by following him here.  

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