Book of the Day: Double Trouble and the Upside Down Christmas Tree

Double Trouble and the Upside Down Christmas Tree by Tyler G. Mitchell

(Children’s Fiction, Holidays / Christmas)

The Christmas season is a special time to connect with your family, children, and enjoy timeless traditions like reading. If you are looking for a joyful and unique story to add to your list this season, I highly recommend you check out this book. Double Trouble and the Upside Down Christmas Tree is a charming, memorable, and beautifully illustrated story that the entire family will love.

The book was just released this year and was written (with love) by Tyler G. Mitchell. In this creative holiday tale, one family is left wondering – will Santa deliver presents to homes with upside down Christmas trees? You might be wondering why they would even be curious about such a thing. Well, this family has one of the most unique Christmas set-ups in the world – as their tree is hung… upside down!

In a family consisting of three children, there are two toddlers who are always getting themselves into trouble. Their troublemaking doesn’t rest for the holiday season – nor for the yearly Christmas tree. So, their dad decides to do something so crazy – it might just work. He gets creative and hangs their Christmas tree upside down. In the book, the oldest son recounts the chaos that occurred before the tree hung from the ceiling. And readers are left wondering if Santa will deliver presents to the upside down tree’s home!

This book is unlike any other Christmas story. It’s a special read for many reasons – particularly because it comes from a place of reality and sincerity. When author Tyler G. Mitchell was growing up, his family really did hang their tree upside down for a similar reason. Throughout the book, you can see the author’s clear love for the Christmas season resonate within his words and the accompanying illustrations. This is a special book that should be embraced by families everywhere throughout this special time of year. You can order your copy today and follow author Tyler G. Mitchell on social media.

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