Book of the Day: Eventually Gareth

Eventually Gareth: The Show Had to Go On by Gareth Gallagher

(Biography & Autobiography / Personal Memoir)

Eventually Gareth is a poignant and unforgettable memoir that I encourage everyone to read – particularly those who work in the events industry. Vulnerably written and filled with heart, Gareth Gallagher’s memoir takes you on a memorable journey through the darker side of event planning while battling addiction. Showcasing both his resilience and the indomitable nature of the human spirit, this is a real-life story that you will never forget.

Through the book, you join a brutally honest man on his life journey – filled with personal battles and triumphs. Even if you have no experience with event planning (like me), there are fundamental aspects to this book that are deeply human and strikingly relatable. At its core, it’s an inspiring story of a man who simply refused to give up. It is a story about against all odds, finding the strength to make changes. Through Gareth’s life story, we learn that it is never too late for us to achieve lasting, positive change.

While I was reading, I was both captivated and heartbroken by the ruthless extravagance of event planning. Gareth elaborates on a career like no other – and the work he has done with Presidents, celebrities, and Fortune 500 executives. Soaring through the skies in private jets, first class, and being escorted by private security, it’s as if much of his career was one long episode of Succession. But you are hit with the harsh reminder that this is not television – it’s a real, dark world. With the glamour comes painful hours, caffein, alcohol, drugs, and loss.

As you progress through the book, you come to understand just how far event planners will go to serve their clients. Gareth’s story leaves you with plenty to ponder in relation to your own life. Now, I’ll leave it to you to read this rather breathtaking book – but I will say that it does not end in darkness. After years spent living such a thrilling yet chaotic life, Gareth found himself at a physical, mental, and spiritual crossroads. To live, heal, and live the life he deserved, he needed to take a tremendous leap of faith. At its core, this book is about one inspiring man’s strength, courage, and ability to take that frightening leap. It’s about learning how to surrender, falling to pieces, and learning how to become once again whole.

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