Book of the Day: Heal Forward

Heal Forward: Transform Emotional Scars into Impact by Diane M. Simard

(Self-help, Inspirational)

Diane Simard certainly makes her presence felt. Her first book, The Unlikely Gift of Breast Cancer was powerful, vulnerable, and downright breathtaking. Following that up is certainly no easy task – but when it comes to Heal Forward, I can confidently say that Diane delivers. Her uplifting help book reminds us that everybody has something. We’re all scarred and damaged in a sense. But in this book, we learn that persevering through the darkness shapes us, and grants us tremendous strength.

As we endure the daily struggles of life – and the occasional haymakers that get thrown at us, it’s easy to question everything. There are so many people out there who experience frustration, anger, and even sadness when they are dealt a bad hand. These emotions, of course, are valid – but not helpful. Instead, what is helpful is discovering how to turn this pain and trauma into action. From experience, I can assure you that it’s no easy task. But that is where Heal Forward delivers its significant value.

Within its pages, Diane reveals how she persevered through a lifetime of psychological struggles and severe adversities. This involves surviving a battle with Stage 3 breast cancer and then thriving in a new era of life driving meaningful change. Beyond that, Diane details how she overcame years of psychological struggle, traumas, and adversities.

As I read Heal Forward, I felt empowered and overwhelming optimism – akin to a Rocky Balboa theme song steadily blaring in a training montage. Fundamentally, through Diane’s profound yet approachable wisdom, you come to understand that life happens. Good things happen, and bad things happen. So, it begs the question, what type of person will you be when things are tough? How will you respond? How will you Heal Forward?

With Diane’s personal experience and insight, you will learn how to follow in her shoes and face adversities – rather than dread them. Although not enjoyable, these are unavoidable opportunities that allow you to rebuild your life – personally, professionally, and spiritually. Diane’s life and her writing serve as reminders that you can do anything when you have grit and tenacity. She is a true leader who channels adversity into action.

Heal Forward offers the perfect blend of stone-cold toughness and heartfelt compassion. While reading, I was reminded that grit and determination are both essential components to a life worth living, but they are not enough. You need love. With this book, you learn what’s necessary to live an influential life – but also a life that is free and unconfined. As you will uncover in this masterpiece of a book, true freedom is only achieved with love. A breathtaking testament of strength and a remarkable reflection of the human condition, Heal Forward is a beacon in the night for all who seek support and guidance throughout the unpredictable journey of life.

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