Book of the Day: Jewmorous

Jewmorous: A Collection of Stories which Prove I’m Full of Schtick! By Herman Lentz

(Humor / Essays)

If you’re looking for relatable life stories that will make you laugh until you cry, then I have the perfect book for you. Jewmorous is as thoughtful as it is risqué – making it one of the most original and compelling coming-of-age stories you will ever read. Written by Herman Lentz, the book chronicles his life stories growing up, told from a Long Island Jewish perspective. This book is many things, but above all, it is deeply human – as Herman Lentz creatively represents what makes us flawed, funny, and genuine people.

Lentz does not play any games with his readers. The book is as self-aware as can be. Writing about the ordinary, and making the stories compelling and engaging, is no easy task. But in his debut book, I can attest that Lentz portrays the ordinary in a peculiar, terrific manner. He highlights the humor and long-lasting implications that arise in the most mundane moments – whether that be early romances, college years, work, marriage, having kids, or even selling a house.

Although Herman Lentz (in his 67+ years) has certainly lived a unique life – I found his writing to be wonderfully relatable. No one escapes life without the awkward and uncomfortable moments. Rather than casting them aside as forgettable, Lentz dives deeply into them and explores the complexities of emotions that arise with them. He embraces the discomfort and recognizes that it makes for one heck of a story. He writes with delusions of grandeur, and a rich imagination. His stories implement sarcasm, snark, and self-deprecation as coping skills.

The book is brutally honest, profoundly self-aware, at times crude, but through all that it shares a rather profound life lesson. Jewmorous encourages us to find meaning in every single moment. If we solely place value on the picture-perfect memories, we’re missing out on a large chunk of our lives. No moments should be wasted. So, enjoy this PG-13 account from a self-proclaimed “devout narcissist” who is not afraid to boldly tell stories about the good, bad, and everything in between.

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