Book of the Day July 12, 2023

The Warrior’s Dilemma by D.A. Bender

(Self-Help / Military)

If you are a United States military Veteran who is struggling with the many difficult realities of returning to civilian life, this book is an essential read for you. Written by D.A. Bender, a combat readjustment therapist with the Veteran’s Health Administration program, The Warrior’s Dilemma supports you every step of the way throughout the difficult transition.  

Maybe you are active-duty and feel curious – or even worried – about what life will be like when you leave the military. Maybe you have seen friends get out and struggle with the transition. Or maybe you just begin to doubt that you will still fit in with civilian society. Far too many Veterans struggle to come back into the civilian world – and this book is written to prevent that struggle from plaguing more heroes in the future.

Transitioning to civilian life goes far deeper than finding employment and receiving VA benefits. By reading this book, you will come to understand the complexity and depth of how warriors are fashioned, and why it is so difficult for many accomplished Veterans to reenter the civilian environment.

In addition to being a combat readjustment therapist, author D.A. Bender is also a former Marine, so he has walked the same path and truly understands the emotional and practical aspects of the experience. In addition to explaining the root causes of many of the challenges Veterans face, Bender offers tangible solutions that work for both those who served and their loved ones.

Far too many Veterans suffer in silence after returning home. We’ve lost a heartbreaking number of heroes to suicide and mental illness – and this book is a powerful resource to help guide them towards the fulfilling life they deserve after service. I highly recommend this book for not only Veterans and active military, but also all family, friends, and loved ones of those who serve.

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