Book of the Day July 18th, 2023

The New Days by Jennifer Carmody

(Fiction / Women)

Delightfully written by Jennifer Carmody, The New Days is a wonderful novel for you to add to your summer TBR pile! Flaunting relatable, dynamic characters and a compelling plot line, this book will appeal to readers of many different backgrounds – particularly millennials. Fundamentally, it’s a gripping story about friendship and the challenges that arise when harmonious relationships start to become complicated.

The novel introduces you to an inseparable friend group – Annabelle, Cole, Zoey, and Austin. Now they are in their thirties, but still are as close as they ever were. Living in the same town, Annabelle owns a bookstore, Cole and Zoey are happily married. Austin owns and lives in the bar across the street from Annabelle’s bookstore. Throughout the course of the story, the author does such a terrific job skillfully developing each individual character – while also clearly painting a picture of how their lives come together in joyous harmony. Through backstory and dialogue, readers feel an intimate sense of closeness with each character.

The novel takes an interesting turn when the inevitabilities of change seep into the characters’ lives. Willow, the manager of the coffee shop in town joins the established group. She brings an entirely new dynamic – and an eclectic flair. Just as the group starts to get comfortable with the new dynamic, more change comes. Liam, a handsome man from England moves to town and unknowingly becomes a wedge in the tight-knit group. After a living in a harmonious state of equilibrium, the characters must come to terms with the difficult realities of life falling out of balance.

I found the entire book to be wonderfully entertaining, and sharply relatable. Author Jennifer Carmody is skilled at her craft and does excellent work to bring this unique group of friends to life. Their saga is one that many readers can identify with – particularly readers who grew up or have lived in small towns. I certainly enjoyed it from beginning to end and had a hard time putting it down. So, if you’re looking for a new book to read this Summer, add The New Days to your list!

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