Book of the Day July 24th, 2023

Paper World by Maureen Cummins

(Fiction, Literary)

Harrowing and unpredictable, Paper World is a page-turning novel like no-other. Beautifully written by author Maureen Cummins, it is the story of a girl who finds herself lost down a rabbit hole – trying to retrace her steps and find her way back to the surface. Will she climb and catch her breath again? Or will her paper world rip to shreds beneath her feet?

A perfect life in shambles.

A memory buried in uncertainty.

All because she opened that book.

Brett Cain had the perfect life. It seemed like everything was just right. She was about to celebrate her 25th birthday and marry her college sweetheart, Kurt. She was close with her parents, had a best friend she could trust, and a fantastic career mapped out for her. So, what happened? And why is she finding herself on life support just two months later?

She can’t remember much, doesn’t know where Kurt is, and is haunted by a book and its contents while lying in a hospital bed. Throughout this part coming of age, part thriller story, she must fight to put the pieces back together and regain her life.

The book is skillfully written and shares a chilling sense of relatability. We all face a frightening reality that life can change in an instant. Many readers can relate to Brett as seemingly overnight, what once was the perfect life can become one that reflects our nightmares. This duality is frightening, humbling, but also deeply human. This novel does such a nice job capturing this reality and expressing it through literary symbolism. I highly recommend you add this thought-provoking book to your reading list!

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