Book of the Day June 23rd, 2023

Navigating Your Fertility as a Woman in Medicine by Jenna Miller, MD

(Family & Relationships / Alternative Family)

It takes tremendous courage to be open and honest about the challenges we face. True difference makers aren’t afraid to share their struggles. This book is a triumphant example of that. Navigating Your Fertility as a Woman in Medicine is a vulnerable but empowering telling of the author’s infertility story interwoven with expectations of navigating a fertility journey from the point of view of a woman in medicine.

Dr. Jenna Miller began her fertility journey when she was 35 years old and found that infertility felt like a “dark secret few people discussed openly”. She experienced egg freezing, intra-uterine insemination, in vitro fertilization, and learned about sperm donors, gestational carriers, and weighed adoption options. Her personal and professional experience have provided her with a unique perspective that will support women facing similar circumstances.

Going through fertility treatment while working such a high-intensity, demanding job in medicine brings its own challenges. However, these challenges have left Dr. Miller with plenty of wisdom. Throughout the book, she shares advice for working long, inflexible hours while going through a variety of fertility treatments. Beyond that, she shares compelling wisdom on how to adjust to the long, sometimes lonely road of infertility. 

Dr. Miller’s book blends vulnerability with practicality. Compassionate and informative, it chronicles an inspiring journey that will help women gain the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions about their own fertility. Readers will learn that there are so many non-traditional options available to start a family – you just need to know where to look. I hope that this book reaches as many relevant readers as possible because it can truly be a life-changing resource regarding both fertility and reproductive health.

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