Book of the Day June 28th, 2023

Sexy, Nourishing Food: To Fuel Your Body, Mind & Soul by Amber Caudle and Lizzie Rose Reiss

(Cooking, Health & Healing / General)

It’s a wonderful time of year to get creative in the kitchen. In these summer months, ingredients are fresh; and between family gatherings and lazy afternoons, there are so many opportunities to enjoy delicious food. If you’re searching for a cookbook filled with nourishing recipes that utilize high quality ingredients, this is the book for you. Chef Amber Caudle’s cookbook, Sexy Nourishing Food, is jam-packed with an abundance of recipes that excite the senses and leave you feeling energized and fulfilled.

Health food is sexy – that’s what Chef Amber believes. Her book flaunts a diverse collection of recipes suitable for almost any diet and consist of whole food ingredients. As you explore and experience this culinary journey, you’ll realize that traditional foods not only nourish the body, but also inspire the mind and free the soul to flourish. Each recipe serves as a reminder that health food is delicious food.

This powerful cookbook is the product of Chef Amber’s realization that food is not only fuel – it also can be medicine. By opening her restaurant, The Source Café in 2012, Chef Amber set out to make a change in the world through the gift of quality food. With her restaurant and cookbook, she shares the joys and benefits of eating nutrient-dense meals.

The cookbook itself is meticulously crafted, vibrantly illustrated, and organized into different chapters that are easy to navigate. When I say there is something for everyone here, I mean it. You will find that every recipe, whether it be an entrée, side, or even a dip, will leave you satiated, satisfied, and energized.

It’s so wonderful that chefs like Amber Caudle are prioritizing health foods and spreading the message about how they both taste great and make you feel great. The kitchen is more than a practical space for preparing culinary concoctions. It’s where you can truly take ownership of your life by controlling how you nourish and fuel your body. I highly recommend this cookbook and if you want to learn more about Chef Amber, you can visit her website!

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