Book of the Day: Murder on Sex Island

Murder on Sex Island, A Luella van Horn Mystery by Jo Firestone

(Fiction, Mystery & Detective)

Jo Firestone is a comedian, actress, and author who just released her book Murder on Sex Island. It’s an entertaining murder mystery that has already received tremendous praise from readers and critics – you can dive into this Vulture write up to enjoy a Q&A with Jo. Take some time to learn about her one-of-a-kind book that I guarantee you will have a hard time putting down.

In the novel, reality TV and humor meets mystery and intrigue. When a cast member goes missing from the hit reality show Sex Island, producers ask the mysterious detective Luella van Horn to go undercover as a contestant and solve the case. What the producers don’t know is that Luella van Horn is actually a woman named Marie Jones, a divorced ex-social worker attempting to lead a double life as a glamorous private eye. Unable to resist the opportunity to be a part of her favorite trashy reality show, Marie-as-Luella takes the case. But the more she learns about Sex Island’s dark underbelly, the harder it gets to make it out alive.

She encounters shady producers, sleazy directors, and contestants willing to do whatever it takes to win the $100,000 grand prize. Will she find the killer? Will she find herself? Will she find… love? Find out in Sex Island’s most dramatic season yet.

You can listen to the novel in audio format as it is released weekly in chapters via podcast. It is narrated by Jo and is available wherever you listen to podcasts. Joalso co-hosts the long-running podcast, Dr. Gameshow, with Manolo Moreno. If you want to learn more about Jo Firestone, her book, and the rest of her work, you can visit her website.

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