Book of the Day: Rebel in Venus

Rebel in Venus by Marissa Alma Nick

(Fiction / Women)

Who we are and what we become is directly influenced by where we have been. This overarching theme is masterfully woven into the narrative of Rebel in Venus. Written with authority and tremendous skill by Marissa Alma Nick, this is a must-read novel with memorable characters and a powerful plot.

The story takes place over a night between best friends, Maria and Layla. Over the course of the evening, Layla’s memory is jolted – and her once carefully repressed past begins to return to her. This triggers a sequence of events that ultimately jeopardizes her life. Suddenly, brutally honest stories resurface – consisting of sexual revelations, high-school humiliations, unwanted pregnancies, unwavering friendships, sex work, divorce, and loss.

As the confessions unfold, Layla’s anguished past begins to challenge the strength of her friendship with Maria, as well as Layla’s own life. She finds herself in thrust in a battle with her resurfaced past. Her journey paints an intimate portrait of friendship, portrays the impact of trauma, the power of our first love, and the unforgettable experience of our first love lost.

There is so much depth to this novel. It calls for intense self-reflection and examination of our own lives. Layla’s story is a heart wrenching yet triumphant reminder that we all keep so much buried below the surface. We cannot and will not live out our purpose until we have the courageous tenacity to face our past. This thoughtful story encourages its readers to examine the intricate layers of their subconscious. It inspires and empowers us to recognize the beauty of being vulnerable – and mindfully accepting the scariest thoughts and feelings.

Rebel in Venus shines light on many themes but fundamentally, it is a story of healing. In a world in which so many of us are desperate to heal, I find this to be as pertinent and timely as any novel out there. No matter your journey, read this book and discover the strength to let go of what haunts you to heal and be free. You can learn more about the book and Marissa Alma Nick by visiting her website!

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