Book of the Day: Served, From My Family Table to Yours

Served: From My Family Table to Yours by Caroline Somers

(Cooking, Courses & Dishes)

In a world filled with diverse palates and dietary preferences, it’s rare to find a cookbook that truly has something for everyone. But in my opinion, Caroline Somers’ mouthwatering marvel Served is the perfect cookbook for every kitchen. Bursting with flavor, creativity, and most importantly, love, this is an impressive collection of culinary excellence. With this cookbook, you become the ultimate home-chef, equipped with clear, high-quality recipes for family and friends to enjoy.  

Somers’ cookbook shares 50 recipes, broken down into 7 sections – starters, salads, pasta, vegetables, poultry, seafood, and meat. Each recipe is bold in its flavor and nourishing nutrient density. Every one of these recipes nurtures as it satisfies you – all consisting of quality, clean ingredients that your body desires and loves. Whether you are preparing sticky and sweet Thai chicken wings, wrapped spring rolls with fresh herbs, lightly charred skirt steak with spicy peanut sauce, or umami-bursting Bok choy basking in creamy coconut sauce, you’re in for a wholesome treat.   

There are so many dishes to choose from, and it’s difficult for me to pick a favorite. But I will say this – the book reminds us that good food is good for us. For example, orange chicken has always been one of my favorite meals, but I stopped ordering it in fear of it being battered in low quality oils and sugary sauces. But then with this book, I was able to prepare the most delicious orange chicken I’ve ever tasted – consisting of pasture raised chicken breast, fresh ginger, garlic, orange juice, and more clean ingredients. As Dr. Cate Shanahan, author of Deep Nutrition says, chefs are history’s true nutritionists! Quality food provides the taste we desperately seek.

From beginning to end, Served is a creative, thoughtful, and flavorful triumph. Each recipe comes with thoughts and reflections from the author – making it personal and loving (as food should be). The best food comes from the heart – cooking is a ritual that brings us together and is deeply engrained in our fondest memories. For Caroline Somers, food is her “love language”. It’s how she shows affection, and this is a gift that makes itself clear in every ingredient. I hope you bring these loving recipes into your kitchen this year. You’ll find that it’s truly a delight for the mind, body, and soul.

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