Book of the Day: The AthMindset® Workbook

The Athmindset Workbook by Dr. Tiana S. Woolridge, MD, MPH and Lisa Bonta Sumii, LCSW

(Health & Fitness / Mental Health)

The Athmindset Workbook should be required reading for every athlete – particularly those at the high school and collegiate level. Both nationwide and worldwide, we’re facing a mental health crisis. Approximately 35% of elite athletes and 30% of collegiate athletes suffer from mental health issues – yet only a small margin of them gets the care that they need. This powerful book challenges the stigma and offers young athletes with a life-changing resource to take control of their mental health.

As a former collegiate baseball player who has suffered from mental illness, this book speaks to me on so many levels. For years I suffered because when I grew up, mental health was not much of a discussion at all. Both as a student and athlete, I spent too many years suffering in silence. I know that if I had access to a resource like this book, I would have been able to achieve so much more both on the field and in the classroom. More importantly, I would have been able to recognize and understand the complexities of my own mind.

The book fills a needed gap and offers young athletes an accessible resource to explore stress responses, mindfulness techniques, and strategies to build mental strength. It’s filled with essential information about the signs and symptoms of mental health issues, and what to do if you or someone you care about is struggling with mental health. From start to finish, the book equips readers with a toolkit to navigate challenges with confidence. The authors also share QR codes that direct readers to videos, podcasts, and workshops that facilitate different mental health discussions. It’s truly a book unlike any other.

Mental health is health. It doesn’t discriminate – and far too many people are suffering in silence. I too suffered from mental illness, and then I finally received the appropriate education and professional help to get better. I’m so grateful for this book and both Tiana Woolridge and Lisa Bonta Sumii for making a difference and crafting such a life-changing resource. I encourage athletes and parents of young athletes to make this required reading. If you are struggling, there is hope – and it begins with conversations and knowledge.

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