Book of the Day: The Cathedral Murders

The Cathedral Murders by J.E. Morales

(Fiction, Thrillers / General)

The Cathedral Murders is an award-winning novel that simply must be on your reading list this fall. It’s a fast-paced but thoughtful thrill-ride that keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. This significant novel takes you back to 1992 in Peru – a chaotic world in which unrest and power struggles ensued. Written with authority and skill, the book reminds us why debut novelist J.E. Morales is a name that will be remembered for a long time.

 The thrilling saga places you in the heart of the 1992 Peruvian self-coup – as the government is at war with a threatening and dangerous guerrilla group. In this turbulent environment, medical student Isabella Castle starts to witness hospital patients dying under mysterious circumstances. As she navigates the prejudiced traditional system and battles her own internal struggles, the search for truth leads her down an unexpected path. She will soon discover that antagonistic forces inside the government and the ecclesiastical hierarchy are battling for power to hide a dark secret within the Church. The novel has a convincing ability to hook you very early on – and keeps you guessing throughout the course of the entire book.

The character development is as good as it gets – as the characters are enriched by the author’s ability to incorporate historical elements thoroughly and accurately into the story. The novel by genre is a thriller, but it also can be classified as historical fiction. By reading, you’ll come to understand a rather complex set of events in Peru. You can tell that much of the story is a powerful reflection of Morales’ heart and wisdom. You won’t be disappointed – but you it may leave you crossing your fingers for a sequel! I recommend The Cathedral Murders for all fiction fans. Author J.E Morales was born and raised in Lima, Peru. After graduating from medical school, he moved to United States to complete postgraduate training. He currently lives and practices in Phoenix, Arizona.

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