Book of the Day: The Surprising Power of Not Knowing What to Do

The Surprising Power of Not Knowing What to Do by Jay Cone

(Business / Problem Solving)

Take a moment and reflect upon your life right now – this very moment. Do you find yourself in an active state? Are you constantly seeking answers, and finding yourself doing everything you can to make progress? Many of us are plagued by constant effort to achieve. Despite our intentions, this path frequently leads us into a wall – getting us stuck. If you feel stuck in any way, you can get out of it. This book is a great resource to help you begin that journey.

The Surprising Power of Not Knowing What to Do is a remarkable, triumphant book by Jay Cone. The book demonstrates that in times of chaos, creativity and compassion are often the first causalities of our search for answers. We want to know what to do, yet we struggle to make sense of all the statistics, opinions, hype, and outrage competing for our attention. Coping with our increasingly complex and unpredictable lives takes a toll on our mental fitness. When we feel exhausted, overwhelmed, and rudderless, we make bad decisions. We settle for simplistic answers. We become susceptible to disinformation and the rantings of absolutists. We find ourselves avoiding people whose opinions we disagree with. The Surprising Power of Not Knowing What to Do is like a fitness regimen for your mind.

The book explores the counterintuitive idea that being at a loss for what to do is an opportunity, not a problem. You will learn how to develop the mental stamina to deal with your most daunting challenges. You will discover strategies for accessing insights and options when you feel stuck. Most importantly, you will gain renewed faith in the possibility of a more creative and compassionate future.

Author Jay Gordon Cone teaches people how to think together and solve problems together. Jay has spent the past 35 years supporting leadership development and organizational change. He has worked with leaders and organizations around the world. He is a founding partner of Unstuck Minds, a firm focused on helping people access creativity and compassion when they feel stuck.

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