Book of the Day: Tia Bua Believes in Your Magic

Tia Bua Believes in Your Magic by Pooja Desai

(Children’s Non-fiction / Health, Mental Health)

If you’re looking for the perfect story to introduce pertinent themes of mindfulness, awareness, and fairness – then Tia Bua Believes in Your Magic is for you. Thoughtfully written through a multicultural lens, this one-of-a-kind book encourages children to move forward on their personal wellness journeys.

The book was written by Pooja Desai – a compassionate storyteller who is a champion of mindfulness and wellness. The best stories come from a place of experience and heart – and this certainly embodies that. Drawing on over 25 years of healthcare experience, Pooja (or Tia Bua as she’s fondly known), expertly intertwines her own life stories with empowering lessons. There is so much to appreciate about this story – but I especially admire its emphasis on multiculturalism.

Tia Bua, a term of endearment derived from Spanish and Hindi, encapsulates Pooja’s multicultural family experience, highlighting her identity as a caring American Desi Aunt. The stories she shares from this unique perspective are brimming with kindness, energy, and a strong commitment to empowering others. With a particular passion for children’s wellness, Tia Bua’s journey is more than just an exploration of mindfulness—it’s an earnest call for us all to strive towards being better humans.

By introducing your children to this book, you’re offering them a terrific resource for holistic growth. Children will learn how to open their mind to kindness, love, and curiosity. In its 24 pages, there is powerful relatability in the messaging. This book does much more than educate – it enlightens and empowers children. It instills core values of kindness, love, and curiosity. I hope that you – alongside your family and loved ones enjoy the book and discover its magic.

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