Book of the Day: Under the Great Elm

Under the Great Elm, A Life of Luck & Wonder by Rich Flanders

(Biography & Autobiography)

The recipient of several prestigious literary awards, Under the Great Elm is an exquisite, beautifully told story. In the book, author Rich Flanders documents his adventurous life in extraordinary fashion. Sweeping from the Illinois countryside to the plains and mountains of the American West, from the cafes of Paris to the Gaza Strip, and from the tropics of India to the rhythms of Broadway, this is a story of hope and inspiration for our time.

If you seek to embark on your own journey of adventure and growth, this book will certainly resonate with you. Throughout the narrative, Rich Flanders shows us the tremendous amount of joy that comes from embracing the world with wonder, commitment, and energy. This is a book for everyone – especially those who believe in second chances and living life to its fullest.

I invite you to dive into this remarkable story and live vicariously through Flanders’ many adventures. You might just remember that it is never too late to follow your own dreams. Every chapter is filled with a significant message that warms your heart and simultaneously clears your mind. There truly is no other autobiography quite like this one – as it is jam packed with an abundance of inspiration.

For those who seek evocative works that capture the very essence of life and enlightenment, this is a powerful book to read. As you read the book, you’ll remember that the sea changes and the journey will not always be easy. But at the end of the day, life is a worthwhile adventure that should be cherished. Check this book out for yourself and share it with a loved one if you are looking for something that is heartwarming, empowering, and simply unforgettable.

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