Book of the Day: You Anthem

You Anthem: Stories and Reflections of Celebration by Tori Franklin

(Body, Mind & Spirit / Inspirational)

No matter who you are, where you’re from, or what you’ve dealt with in life, you’ll find tremendous meaning in Tori Franklin’s book, You Anthem. This triumphant collection of stories and reflections takes you on an immersive journey through the highs and lows of her life as an Olympic athlete. Illuminating the transformative power of the human spirit, her book demonstrates how we can overcome the crippling grasp of mental illness and achieve an authentic, joyful life.

The book is written with tremendous skill and vulnerability. Its words comfort, validate, and connect with you on many levels. Yes, the book tells Tori’s story. But it is much more than a memoir. It has tremendous power in its ability to tell the mental health story that – in some way or another – impacts millions of lives worldwide. Amidst her incredible achievements, Tori’s life is also marked by profound challenges – including depression, abandonment issues, traumas, professional setbacks, and the shattering effects of sexual assault. In the face of these adversities, Tori finds herself grappling with the depths of despair, yearning to reclaim her sense of self and the joys that once defined her existence. The heart of this narrative lies in Tori’s unwavering determination to rise above her struggles and restore her inner harmony.

If you ever feel like you have lost your way, or if mental illness has filled your mind with shadows, understand that you are not alone. There is such validation in Tori’s story – and inspiration in recognizing that we are capable of overcoming so much. It’s nearly impossible to escape life free of trauma and hardship – at some point we will have no choice but to endure intense challenges. It takes remarkable courage to reclaim your life when things seem broken, but Tori’s story reminds us that we are capable. If you are in need of hope and inspiration, I encourage you to read this book. You will discover the power of embracing your authentic self and will learn how to reclaim your life and your own personal anthem. It’s a five star memoir and five star mental health resource that you will love reading.

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