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Man’s best friend… for a reason. Nothing compares to a dog’s unconditional love. Through the years, a dog can become your most loyal companion without saying a single word. There are many wonderful books that share all that makes dogs special, and here are my recommendations from BookBaby Bookshop.

The Pet Doctor’s Shoes, True Tales from the Trenches of Veterinary Medicine by Phil Caldwell

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a veterinarian? From the challenges of being called into work at 3am, to surprise riddled house calls— this book exposes it all! Dr. Phil Caldwell has been a veterinarian for over 25 years and has some well-worn shoes to prove it. He covers all aspects of small animal veterinary medicine including surgery, aggressive pets, steep invoices, house calls and why working with humans is sometimes more difficult than working with animals. The Pet Doctor’s Shoes is a book for animal lovers, veterinary students or anyone who has ever had a childhood dream of helping pets who can’t help themselves.

Hugging A Dog, True Stories from the Dusty Dog Café by D. Bingham

“It is strange how unimportant each of us may seem in the great fairy-ring of life; yet how good it feels to touch a dog, to hug her big head, to feel the beating tail against your leg”…

Beautiful poems like this and more are to be discovered in Hugging A Dog. This unique book consists of modern folklore about dogs and their people, specifically in the vast and beautiful American West. The book is illustrated with high quality photographs and sprinkled with charming vignettes.

Peeling Bananas by Jerry Stroud

This deeply personal book chronicles the story of a female Weimaraner named Sammie who charges into the life of her owner like that one-hundred-year storm that hits with a vengeance. She is a prodigy dog who, by revealing her owners’ joys, frustrations, and own transgressions, leads the reader down a road less travelled – unleashed and begging for more.

Onward, A Dog’s Odyssey by Lucy Chen

Onward: A Dog’s Odyssey is based on a true story. It combines a charming narrative of the life experiences of Rosy, a loyal Akita, and beloved family pet, with a subtle commentary on human society and the animal world today. Rosy is a proud Akita with a stubborn streak and strong principles. Join her in her thoughts and experiences adapting to motherhood and strange cultures as she travels through stunning landscapes and urban towns from Japan to China and America. Meet the other colorful members of her household: Milly the Maltese; Whisky the Tabby; the regal Genie, an Asian Leopard cat; and Felix, an intelligent robotic dog. As Rosy begins to come to terms with the passing of time and its toll on her weary body, the book will tug at readers’ heartstrings. This tearjerker work entertains animal lovers of any age and background.

The Found Dogs by Jim Gorant

The Found Dogs follows up on the New York Times bestseller The Lost Dogs which chronicled the abuse of 51 pit bulls taken from Michael Vick’s dogfighting operation, and the heroic attempts to rescue and rehabilitate them. Scarred and scared and initially bound to be euthanized, the dogs were saved by a fearless team of advocates who fought for their rights and futures. The Lost Dogs author Jim Gorant picks up their stories where he left off, tracking the striving and thriving, trials and triumphs, and happiness and heartbreaks that have characterized their lives.

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