Books for Mom: Our Mother’s Day Picks

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift, check out our picks from BookBaby Bookshop. Curated with moms everywhere in mind, this diverse collection consists of thoughtful works that will validate and inspire readers. Celebrate the bookish mom in your life the right way this year!

The Red-Headed Cook of the Desert by Judy Muller and Cheri Mathews

(Biography & Autobiography) 

The Red-Headed Cook of the Desert: Meth, Murder and Motherhood is a book unlike any other. When Journalist Judy Muller met Cheri Mathews, a woman serving “lifetime parole” for murder, she knew that she had to share her story. This journalistic masterpiece details the tumultuous tale of a smart woman who gets hooked on the outlaw world of meth and hits one bottom after another. It is the story about a woman who says her life was saved by prison – where she became a drug and alcohol counselor and determined to make amends to her children.

A Mother’s Hope Restored by Deanna Gott                          

(Family & Relationships / Motherhood)

Being a mother is no easy task. Author Deanna Gott understands that. Through this spiritual work, she offers inspiration that will uplift and inspire those who need it most. Through A Mother’s Hope Restored, she walks readers through her story, along with the stories of eight different mothers, to instill a sense of peace and hopefulness. 

The Making of Vince Carter by Michelle Vernae Carter

(Biography & Autobiography)

There are so many athletes who are supported by strong mothers. In this book, we’re reminded of all that goes into being a mom – specifically when your son is one of the most prolific NBA players of all time. From Michelle Vernae Carter comes this insightful biopic biography that shares Vince Carter’s life experiences – delivered from a unique family vantage point. Throughout the book, readers are invited to share moments and the atmosphere surrounding amazing victory and agonizing defeat. The valuable blend of his life stories inspires readers to live out their purpose in an extraordinary way. 

Mom: In the Dictionary Between Laughter and Noise by Barbara Jividen 

(Family & Relationships / Motherhood)

This book makes a perfect gift for moms and children. It chronicles a busy mom who lost her identity somewhere amid daily chaos. As the story unfolds through language and colorful photographs, she begins retracing her steps and finding herself. Written from a mom’s perspective, it is a faith-based tale that will be meaningful for readers who value family relationships, and those who understand the importance of enriching children’s lives.

The Road from Breslau: A Story of My Mother’s Experiences in Germany, India, and New York by Andrew Peiser

(Biography & Autobiography)

Andrew Peiser does a remarkable job sharing his mother’s captivating life. Her journey spanned three continents and she was eyewitness to some of the most important events of the 20th century. This is a mother’s story of adversity, bravery, hope, perseverance, and inspiration. Readers will be fascinated by Marianne’s strength, resilience, and ability to adapt to changing circumstances. 

The Honest Mom Project by Michelle Mansfield 

(Self-Help / Personal Growth)

The Honest Mom Project is a must-read for moms everywhere. It is both validating and empowering – and helps new mothers process the complex emotions that stem from such a life-changing experience. Michelle Mansfield shares all the unmarketable feelings that moms think and feel, but are afraid to say in public, creating a comfort zone and safe space for them. The book breaks the mom seal and offers validation through acknowledging the hard times. This honesty allows new moms to finally enjoy motherhood in an honest and unique way. 

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