Books that Chill the Bones

In many cultures, the end of October brings celebrations to mark not only the changing of the seasons, but to honor and recognize those who have gone before us. Many believe that there is a thinning of the barrier between the physical and spiritual world that can lead to inexplicable—and sometimes frightening—encounters. If you enjoy a little scare without directly experiencing a visit from the spirit world, check out the books below!

Women of Fire and Snow by Nati del Paso

(Fiction / Horror)

Written by Nati del Paso, Women of Fire and Snow is a collection of short stories that focus on immigrant women living in the Pacific Northwest. The setting lends the stories a mystical atmosphere which helps to elevate the impact of the events in each story. There are not only supernatural happenings tied to Mexican cultures and beliefs, but del Paso seamlessly weaves in the horrors of immigrant life here in the United States. From an unscrupulous lawyer who takes advantage of undocumented immigrants looking for help with ICE to violence motivated by hate and the complexities of generational trauma, there is plenty in these stories to spook, alarm, and make you think.

Shockadelica by Jon O’Bergh

(Fiction / Horror)

Kendall and Jenna are hosts of a horror-themed podcast who live in a Victorian-era apartment building. One night, a neighbor experiences something paranormal, and the pair decide to investigate the history of their building for an episode of their podcast. They quickly learn that many believe the building to be haunted, and as they enlist the help of their fellow tenants to find an explanation for the strange events going on, Kendall and Jenna uncover something far more sinister than ghost stories.

The diverse cast of characters are extremely likable, and each of their storylines enriched the overall plot. I especially love how Jon O’Bergh blended the mythologies and beliefs of different cultures into the narrative, which not only draws different characters into the hunt, but also expands the variety of encounters that occur throughout the book. This is another book where real-life terrors fuse with the supernatural to really punch up the creepiness.

The Ghost Between Us by Deana Evers

(Fiction / Romance, Paranormal)

In The Ghost Between Us by Deana Evers, Charley and Jake reunite after years for an episode of Jake’s popular ghost hunting show to re-visit the haunted building they explored as children. It’s also where Charley faced her first paranormal experience that left a traumatic mark on her life. Romance blossoms once again as Charley prepares to confront her fears of the place, but the ghost hunt takes an unexpected turn as Charley and Jake work to rid the building of the entity that’s been haunting Charley. This book offers a nice balance of ghostly suspense and romance for those who want a little spine-tingle without being kept up all night.

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