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Peace and Purpose Book Series

(Self-help, Personal Growth / Success)

Author: Jeremy B. Wright

We all deserve to reach our highest potential, but it isn’t always easy. Life can be daunting – and sometimes it’s hard to understand our purpose. Everyone has room to grow, and everyone can use additional help and guidance. Author Jeremy B. Wright is an influential leader who offers just that. His Peace and Purpose book series helps readers enhance their perspective on life, find their inner peace, and identify their purpose.

The books series consists of seven titles:

A Gift of Peace and Purpose: A Survivor’s Journey

Love and Meditation: The Keys to Manifestation

Lenses: Seeing the Unseen Spaces Between Us

Well to the Soul: Pouring from a Full Vessel

Hidden Meadows: The Fulfilled Promise

Compass of Love: The Journey of Peace and Purpose

The Journey of Peace and Purpose

We live in a world crippled by stress, mental health struggles, and fatigue. Jeremy B. Wright’s book series lays the foundation for future generations to practice self-awareness, good mental health hygiene, and overall self-care. We need more people like Jeremy in our world.

I found his writing to be both thoughtful and impactful. He purposefully shares his vision to help readers address the trauma and chaos in their lives – and then operate from a place of clarity. You’ll find that when you achieve mental clarity, you are capable of living out your highest potential.

The holiday season is a wonderful time, but it also brings a lot of stress – and even sadness – for some. There’s never a better time to reflect and take care of yourself than now. If you are looking for inspirational books to read, or gifts that will empower someone, check out this collection. Jeremy B. Wright helps people from all walks of life make intentional choices to be their best and achieve great things in life. His book series is introspective, approachable, and life-changing. I highly recommend each book in the series.

 You can learn more about Jeremy and his work by visiting his website!

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