Books to Read for Texas Independence Day

From rich environmental diversity to high school football culture, the Lone Star State has endless inspiration for independent authors. Not every state has its own independence day, and only a few have been ruled by half a dozen nations. March 2nd marks the day that Texas declared independence from its last foreign ruler, Mexico, in 1836. Celebrate Texas Independence Day and add these Lone Star reads to your TBR!

Texas Birds and Inspirational Quotes by Rosemary Brooks

(Photography / Plants & Animals)

This lovely collection of nature photography features over 25 bird species from one of the “birdiest” states in the nation. This book is beautifully bound with full-color photography and encouraging maxims that will brighten any shelf or coffee table. Rosemary Brooks, the photographer and author, has been a Texas resident for over 35 years.

Carry Out, Carry On: A Year in the Life of a Texas Chef by Jon Bonnell

(Biography & Autobiography / Culinary)

Celebrity chef, restauranteur, and author Jon Bonnell wrote this memoir to capture his experiences as a chef and restaurant owner during the 2020 pandemic. From thinking on your feet to recovering from devastating losses, this memoir will speak to anyone who worked in the service industry through the pandemic. Chef Bonnell was born and raised in Fort Worth and has been at the forefront of Fine Texas Cuisine for his entire career.

Draw the Line by Hunter Taylor

(Sports & Recreation / Football)

High school football is an integral part of Texas culture, from Homecoming Parades to “Friday Night Lights.” Author Hunter Taylor grew up in East Texas as the son of a high school football coach, and later returned to the region to serve as a coach himself. This inspirational true story follows the career of East Texas high school football coach Jeff Traylor as he led the Gilmer Buckeyes team to five state championships.

The Wizard of Buckler’s Hard by Webster Russell and Dee Coffeen

(Fiction / Fantasy)

This high fantasy novel combines romance, dragons, and Texan ranchers for an unforgettably magical experience. The protagonist has set his sights on ruling the clan through a powerful marriage alliance, until his plans are disrupted by a Texan rancher who hatched a dragon in his stock tank. The authors, a husband and wife, live in Central Texas and have written six books together.

The Upside of Downsizing by Vanessa Goodwyn

(Humor / Marriage & Family)

This inspiring book blends self-help, memoir, and cultural critique to capture the benefit of adopting a “Less is More” philosophy. Featuring a workbook section at the end of each chapter, this humorous examination of materialism will help anyone looking to live a cleaner, lighter life. Written by a fifth-generation Texan, the author’s experiences as an ostrich rancher, sports writer, and foster parent lend a hilarious, empathetic tone to the book.

The Supernatural Reasons Why I Love You by Lynn Wallace

(Juvenile Fiction / Paranormal)

Paranormal romance, supernatural drama, and fantasy adventures fill this collection of short stories. Classic elements from young adult fiction blend with whimsy and light humor to capture readers of all ages. Author Lynn Wallace is a Baylor University graduate who writes stories in between chasing her toddler and working shifts as a registered nurse.

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