Books to Read on Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day the right way – reading books that tell Native American stories. You will never fully understand American history without understanding Native American history. Indigenous People have faced devastating injustices – and despite it all, they have made profound contributions to U.S. society. So, take some time to educate yourself by reading literature and learn about the resilience and beauty of Native American Culture. Here are three books, written by independent authors, that educate readers on the Indigenous experience.      

I Am Cycuse by Steven Cramer

(Biography & Autobiography / Indigenous Peoples)

I Am Cycuse is a powerful story about a strong, native Makah woman in the early 19th century. Cycuse lived in the farthest reaches of the Pacific Northwest territory of the American colonies. Her great, great grandson, Steven Cramer shares this passionate telling of her entire life. Written with captivating detail, the book chronicles her life as she watched her family, heritage, traditions, and spirituality collapse before her own eyes.

Despite the tragedy that Cycuse endures, readers will find that she offers a message of hope as she walks daily with her Great Chief and Spirit Guides. Cycuse was an incredible woman who brought hope when life seemed unmanageable. Her strong belief in the spirituality of Native American culture was an inspiration for all who were fortunate enough to meet her. This book is essential reading for all who are interested in Native American cultures – and those who would like to explore Native American spirituality.

Strong Like Rhoda, Exploring Female Power in the Lumbee Tribe by Dana Lowery Ramseur

(Inspirational, History / Indigenous Peoples)

Strong Like Rhoda is authored by Dana Lowery Ramseur, a Lumbee Indigenous Author with a powerful voice. Written as a memoir, the book elaborates how Rhoda Strong Lowry’s life is relevant to Lumbee women today. It thoughtfully reveals how Rhoda symbolizes many struggles in the lives of Native Americans.

Rhoda has come to be a symbol of struggle against oppression – and her voice is now more necessary than ever amid the daily stresses of life. By reading this book, you’ll access simple wisdom, shared with great humility and optimism. You’ll learn to embrace a more realistic description of Rhoda and in turn, you’ll learn to embrace your own individuality. By exploring female power in the Lumbee Tribe, you will be encouraged, inspired, and motivated to realize your own potential.

Journey to Brave, Daily Indigenous Wisdom for Acceptance, Healing and Joy by Dana Lowery

(Body, Mind & Spirit / Inspirational)

Sometimes we just need that extra push – that subtle reminder that we are strong and powerful. Journey to Brave offers that inspiration and so much more. This daily devotional book brings uplifting messages of hope, love, inspiration, enlightenment, and positivity. I highly encourage you to take a moment to pause and reflect on the indigenous wisdom in this book.

Each day you will interact with an indigenous quote, a lesson, and an affirmation to become more positive and develop more confidence. Also authored by Dana Lowery of the Lumbee Tribe, Journey to Brave is approachable yet profound – and relatable for all readers. It teaches you how to create a daily routine to challenge yourself, stay grounded, and reflect. It doesn’t take much work nor effort to nurture ourselves. With this book, you have the perfect resource to support a routine that feeds energy into your soul.

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