Why BookBaby is a G7 Certified Master Printer

For once, I’m not here to talk about books to read. Instead, I’m diving into how our books are printed at BookBaby Publishing and BookBaby Bookshop. Readers often don’t think about the behind-the-scenes magic that goes into the book they’re holding in their hands. So, fellow reader, I encourage you to take some time to recognize the tremendous detail and effort that factors into high-quality book printing.

An Interview with Marcella Norman: Author and Mental Health Leader

Marcella Norman is a masters level clinical psychotherapist. She has an extensive background across various disciplines in the mental health field. While working for a community-based mental health program, Marcella realized that there was a need for more African American clinician representation. Because of that, she has dedicated herself to working with and for the African American community.

Women’s History Month Books to Read

Celebrate Women’s History Month on BookBaby Bookshop! Whether you read an inspiring autobiography, an exciting fiction novel, or a trendy new cookbook, you are making an impact by directly supporting women’s work on this fair trade bookstore. Check out this list and learn about some of our picks that recognize women this month.

A Message of Gratitude

I’d like to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who is a part of this incredible reading community. Throughout this past year, we made it our mission and purpose to highlight the incredible world of indie books. Because of you, reader, we have built a dedicated and ever growing community that celebrates and supports independent authors.

Sorry! No Returns for a Reason

TikTok does a lot of good for independent authors. As a platform, it is built for discovery – and is an essential tool for authors and other creators. With all of its benefits come some inherent flaws, as certain trends could end up being quite harmful. A recent BookTok trend was the #ReadAndReturnChallenge, and it has been costly.

Who We Are

Welcome to BookBaby Reads! On this blog, you will have access to daily content that keeps you in the loop with all of the new and exciting titles being sold on BookBaby Bookshop. This is a place for a community of readers to come together and be a part of a movement that supports the vibrant world of indie books. We are here to curate and share compelling content that you never knew existed – who knows, your next life-changing book can very well be out there. We work to find it and share it with you, so you could enjoy what matters most, reading a good book. Get ready to discover and support a world of independent authors!

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