Celebrate Black History, Support Black Authors

Black History Month is a great time to celebrate Black talents in all industries, authors included! This annual celebration is a crucial time to recognize, appreciate, and honor African American achievements – and their central role in United States history. There are so many ways to celebrate Black history. As an indie bookstore, our preferred method is purchasing and reading books that directly support Black authors. Check out these books and our daily content throughout the month to learn more about impactful stories and authors. Remember, when you purchase a Black author’s book on Bookshop, you directly support their work by shopping on a fair trade bookstore.

Entirely Too Much by Sarah Thomas

(Poetry / African American)

Entirely Too Much is a debut book of poetry by Sarah Thomas. Her powerful poems feature themes of Black culture, love, and mental health. Sarah also focuses on themes of Black sexuality, Black feminism, religious trauma, and pop culture. You can learn more about Sarah and her work by visiting her website.

Feelin’ It: A College Journey of Epic Proportions by Eric V. Warren

(Biography & Autobiography / Personal Memoir)

This thought-provoking memoir poignantly captures author Eric V. Warren’s failures, triumphs, and his personal journey to find his own voice during his college years in the early 2000s. Every year, thousands of Black students head off to predominantly White colleges and universities. This coming-of-age memoir allows you to learn the perspectives of one of those students – and experience his thoughts and feelings. Throughout the book, you’ll join Eric as he navigates friendship, love, religion, academics, and the complexities of college life.

Defying Expectations: Family, Sports & Recreation by Al “Hondo” Handy

(Sports / Personal Memoir)

In his powerful memoir, Al “Hondo” Handy shares his story of defying the odds. As one of the first Black kids to attend an all-white school before integration, he not only won a state basketball championship, but he went on to thrive throughout his career. Continuously faced with obstacles, Al “Hondo” Handy never backed down. The odds were stacked against him, but he became an influential and determined leader. This is a book for dreamers and doers with aspirations. Al’s story will inspire you and remind you to never give up, no matter what.

My Life as a Black Gay Man by Anthony Randall

(Biography & Autobiography / Personal Memoir)

Anthony Randall is a gripping storyteller who will move readers with his story of struggle and self-discovery. In his memoir, My Life as a Black Gay Man, Anthony discusses grappling with acceptance after his family abandoned him when he came out at the age of nineteen. Bullied, ostracized, and without guidance, he had to learn life’s lessons the hard way. But he made it to the other side, strong, happy, and proud to be himself. Anthony’s life story is extraordinary – and I hope that those who struggle with their sexuality and identity can look to him and find strength. If you find yourself lost, afraid, and in the darkness, Anthony’s book reminds you that you can find the light. He’s a beacon of hope, and an inspiration to all.

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