Children’s Books to Celebrate Spooky Season

With the end of summer drawing nigh, I can’t help but be excited for Fall and all it entails—the cooler temps, apple and pumpkin picking at a local farm, apple cider donuts, and Halloween! Halloween was one of my favorite holidays growing up, and I especially loved reading books to immerse myself into the spirit of the season. Now I’m able to share my love of this time of year with my son, and there’s no better way than snuggling up on the couch in the evening with him and one of these fun, spooky books!


Written by Amanda McCann and illustrated by Simone Föhl, Halloweenie is a whimsical story about a pumpkin that comes to life on Halloween, just in time to come face-to-face with some mischievous teenagers! When things get tough, a new friend arrives to save the day! It’s a heart-warming tale that shows that we don’t have to go through spooky things alone. The illustrations are incredibly detailed and engaging. The love that Amanda and Simone have for Fall and Halloween really shines through every aspect of this book, which was infectious!

Cindi and Sparkles Howl-oween Ghoulfriends

This adorable book, written by Beverley Reichman and illustrated by Janine Rhodes, tells the story of two canine friends who get into the spirit of the season by entering a costume contest to benefit a local animal shelter. The costumes take shape at the careful, creative hands of Cindi’s and Sparkles’s human companion before making their grand debut at the contest.

Cindi and Sparkles are two lovable dogs who not only remind us how delightful it is to play in the autumn leaves, but that there is still fun to be had when helping others. The illustrations bring Cindi and Sparkles to life in a way that made me want to reach out and pet them!

A Halloween Night Caper

A Halloween Night Caper by Robin Hollo delves into the trick side of Halloween festivities! Ms. Cruthers is a mysterious elderly lady who lives alone in a house on the top of a hill. No one in town knows her well, leading to an explosion of unkind rumors. It’s these stories that lead a group of friends to daring each other to prank Ms. Caruther’s house on Halloween night! Their prank doesn’t go the way they imagined, but in the end, they learn that they can’t always believe the things they hear about other people.

The book includes illustrations to really make the story jump off the pages. I love how diverse the main characters are, and not just in appearances. The reader is given glimpses into their home lives, which adds depth to the story and more opportunities for parents to have conversations with their children about how important it is to not jump to conclusions about people—you never know what they’re going through or what has happened to them!

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