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The Christmas season is my favorite time of year. Much of my current love for these weeks comes from nostalgia. As a child, I was enamored by the magic and joy of Christmas. My family and I would read stories about Santa Claus and the legends of Christmas past next to a crackling fire. Because of timeless stories and heartwarming memories, my belief in Christmas magic is permanent. There’s just something about the season – it’s hard to describe, but is something I feel. Now, my goal is to pass forward more Christmas stories and tales so future generations can experience the wonders that made my own childhood so special. So, check out these four children’s Christmas books. Each does a wonderful job sharing an important message about the most wonderful time of the year.  

Rockefeller, The Christmas Tree Owl by Karen Milano

Karen Milano’s book, Rockefeller, The Christmas Tree Owl, is an endearing story inspired by true events. She shares the extraordinary tale of December 2020 – when a small whet owl got caught in the Norway spruce tree that was chosen to be the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree.

After the magnificent tree was transported 170 miles from Oneonta, New York to New York City, the little owl was discovered. The story is told through the owl’s perspective, and it takes children and parents on an amazing Christmas adventure. As you follow along on the owl’s journey, you’ll venture from the quiet forest to the big city – and experience all the sights, sounds, and emotions that come with it. In the end, you see that the Christmas Owl brings joy and Christmas spirit that will remain permanently in our hearts.

This is a unique Christmas story and one that I hope is remembered for a long time. The little owl making the journey and bringing cheer is what Christmas is all about. Its illustrations, just like the storytelling, are warm and inviting. I hope that you and your family make this story a part of your Christmas reading traditions.

A Christmas Dream by Jessica Bitner

In A Christmas Dream, author Jessica Bitner shares a purposeful story that helps children understand the importance of love, family, and joy. It has meaning that goes far beyond the Christmas season – as it teaches the importance of self-trust and having a positive outlook in life.

The story introduces you to an orphan named Jecca and her Great Dane Companion, Malaya. Together, they roam the town to discover the meaning of Christmas and the holiday season. Jecca, someone who never got to experience the joys of family life, discovers just how special it can be to spend the holidays with loved ones.

I found this book to be incredibly meaningful and deeply moving. Writers often tell stories that reflect their own lives. In this case, author Jessica Bitner puts her both her soul and past into A Christmas Dream. Having been a homeless child herself, Jessica experienced what its like to be alone like Jecca. She does breathtaking work to describe the emotions experienced when a child finally gets the chance to feel the love and warmth from a family during Christmas time. It’s amazing to see Jecca’s Christmas Dream come true in the most wonderful way. I hope that this book reminds you that no matter how things seem – hope is always around the corner.

Christmas Cards for Santa by Ralph A. Mulleins

Christmas Cards for Santa is one of those special books that touches your heart and leaves a lasting impact – no matter how old you are. This unique tale invites you to open your mind and imagination to the true spirit of Christmas. It’s a touching holiday fantasy that I certainly will never forget – and is one that I can see becoming an annual read for families everywhere.

In the story, you’re reminded of Santa’s famous task every Christmas Eve – bringing gifts to children around the world. You’ll learn that he usually visits the houses that are festive and vibrantly decorated. You know, those houses glimmering with lights and beautiful decorations. After all, Christmas spirit is always strong in the most festive homes. But what about a home that is not decorated? So, Santa decides to make a detour. He visits a house without the shining lights and garland. He then finds something that you’ll never forget.

Next to the fireplace are milk, cookies, and a card for Santa. In fact, Santa finds a stack of Christmas cards dating back many years – but were never claimed. With this detour and this house, Santa learns something new about the true spirit of Christmas. I implore you to share this marvelous story with your family, as its message is filled with sentimental nuances that remind us what Christmas really means. The story is eloquently written and beautifully illustrated. It’s an instant-hit that will be enjoyed throughout the holiday season many years to come.

Will Santa Come This Christmas? by Emily Sims

Will Santa Come This Christmas? is a unique and thoughtful pandemic-era Christmas story. The early days of the pandemic were incredibly difficult for everyone to process – particularly children. During those moments, Christmas offered hope and joy amidst uncertainty and anguish. This beautifully written and illustrated story reminds us of that, and so much more.

In the book, seven-year-old Liam Tennant is miserable. He’s not able to spend time with his friends. He’s stuck learning on a computer instead of going to school. He can’t play sports. He can’t even leave the house without a mask. But Christmas is coming – and its his only hope. Because everything has been canceled, he’s worried that Christmas just won’t happen, and that Santa will not come. However, he holds out hope that the magic of Christmas can overcome anything – even a pandemic.

With these pandemic days being such recent memories, Emily Sims’ story is both relevant and moving. It helps you understand what our young children endured during the pandemic – and how Christmas brought them hope and comfort. The book is timely, uplifting, and magical. The illustrations are stunning – and the storytelling is strong. It’s a warm reflection of Christmas and its unbreakable spirit despite global hardships.

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  1. I’d love it if you could include my holiday children’s Christmas book, which I published last year with Book Baby…

    Elton the Elf by Lisa Mallen

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