Cookbooks for Autumn and Winter Celebrations

November is the best time of year to get busy in the kitchen. Food brings us together. With Thanksgiving and the holiday season right around the corner, now is the time to enhance your culinary game. These cookbooks are filled with delicious and accessible recipes that are perfect for family gatherings and celebrations, or just cozy nights at home. Whether you’re an expert or novice in the kitchen, there’s something here to take your cooking and baking to the next level.

Beyond Skid: A Cookbook for Ski Bums by Lily Krass and Max Ritter

I’m so excited to share this unique cookbook with you. As someone who loves to both ski and snowmobile in the winter, it immediately stood out to me. Beyond Skid shows that you don’t need to be a professional chef to prepare delicious, healthy meals that fuel your body for long days on the mountain.

Mix Ritter and Lily Krass bring you this mountain town-inspired cookbook that showcases creative, easy, and economical meals. It’s the perfect cookbook for those with an active lifestyle who are looking to eat delicious and nutritional meals that align with their hobbies. Whether you’re cooking in a cozy cabin, a mountain-side lodge, or a sprinter van, you’ll be able to take on the recipes in this book. A long day on the mountain can be exhausting, so it’s important to treat your body right and provide it with the hearty meals it deserves.

As we get closer to our first snowfall, this book and all of its recipes excites me. The authors did a wonderful job expressing their creativity – as they crafted this cookbook for the everyday adventurer. I hope that you can make this book and all of its recipes a part of your yearly traditions on the mountain. There’s nothing like warming up with a quality meal with friends after a day of exploration.

Diane’s Signature Recipes by Deborah Brown

Family recipes are to be cherished. As you probably are aware, a family cookbook is one of the most prized relics in the household! In Diane’s Signature Recipes, Deborah Brown releases her family’s cherished recipes, concocted by her mother and professional chef, Diane Hillard.

In this book, you’ll learn how to make creative and easy appetizers, tasty soups and salads, vegetables and side dishes, and scrumptious desserts. I hope that as you prepare these recipes, they become a part of your family’s traditions. A recipe has a special way of evoking emotions – you feel nostalgia, happiness, and love. You’ll find that these family recipes fill your heart just as they fill your stomach as you enjoy them with the people you love.

Beyond the plethora of culinary opportunities this book provides for the holiday season, it helps liven up your kitchen all year round. You’ll learn how to make easy pretzel bites, irresistible deviled eggs, shrimp gumbo, and moist German chocolate cake that is simply to-die-for. This is a great kitchen companion that will satisfy all palates, and it also makes for a perfect gift for the aspiring chef you love.

Mastering French Courses by Brenton Littlefield 

Although I’m not a food critic by trade, my personal belief is that the French are the culinary champions. Now, maybe (definitely) this is personal opinion, but I am sure that you also will love the recipes in this comprehensive book. Mastering French Courses demonstrates the techniques to make fancy and flavorful French dishes in an easy-to-follow format. Even if you’re a novice chef, this recipe book will allow you to prepare food like an expert.

With this book, you’ll learn how to prepare and present French stocks, appetizers and bread rolls, soups, entrees, sides, and desserts. You can see how Brenton Littlefield puts his heart into every dish as he offers precise details on how to even plate them.

If you’re looking to impress guests at Thanksgiving this year, you’ll find multiple recipes that will allow you to do just that. Now, I love pumpkin pie, but do something really special this year for dessert. Learn how to make bananas flambé – a dish that is composed of bananas, caramelized sugar, butter, and brandy. I hope this book livens up your kitchen as it did for mine. Its recipes are delicious, entertaining, and perfect for any holiday meal.

Farmlink to Table by Natalie Hojel

Farmlink to Table is one of the most impactful cookbooks in our library. It is filled with recipes, impact stories, and produce tips from the Farmlink Project community and contributors. The Farmlink Project is a nonprofit organization that fights for a world where everyone has access to the food they need. It’s a difference-making community of givers that combats hunger and seeks to heal the planet.

The organization works to alleviate food insecurity by reallocating surplus produce to communities in need. The cookbook itself is separated into chapters – each written by a member of the Farmlink community. Every chapter shares an impact story, a page filled with produce storage tips to make them last longer, and of course, recipes.

You’ll see that the contributors represent the breadth of the Farmlink community – renowned chefs who focus on sustainable and local cooking, farmers who have worked with Farmlink to reallocate surplus produce, and other team members. I believe this special book has a place in every kitchen – particularly around the holidays. Its teachings will help cut down on food waste and address some of the most pertinent issues that lead to food insecurity. This book reminds us of food’s profound impact on all aspects of life – and combatting hunger is a joint initiative that requires all of our efforts.

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