Epic Fantasy and Sci Fi Novels to Read this Fall

Allow your imagination to take flight by reading these three new books! Demonstrating the limitless potential of world building and creativity within the Sci Fi and Fantasy genre spaces, these books are regarded as three of indie publishing’s top 2023 fiction reads. Check them out!

Mosscroft: Shadows Not Forgotten by DTM Harris

(Fiction, Fantasy / Sci Fi)

There is nothing more exciting than a new, original science fiction series. Mosscroft: Shadows Not Forgotten thrusts you into a captivating world filled with dynamic characters, cultures, political intrigue, secrets, and so much more. “The Dark War” has been raging between the lands of Juno, Tessa, and Leighas for years. A brief peace finally settles between the land… but peace’s brevity is the only certainty. Now, unbeknown to the seven territories of Juno, a new war, based on EMP’s, is about to begin, threatening total devastation and a new world order.

I was completely transfixed when reading Mosscroft – recognizing similarities with masterpieces like Dune and Silo. Written with tremendous creativity and skill, the novel sets the stage for a thrilling series to come. By reading you will adventure to Mosscroft – one of the seven Juno territories. Mosscroft was completely oblivious of the hatred secretly growing in the far lands of Leighas and Tessa. Eventually, that hatred becomes their reality. As Leighas and Tessa join forces against Juno, the fates of diverse inhabitants intertwine as past mistakes and long-hidden secrets emerge.

Author DTM Harris paints a beautiful picture of complex, layered worlds that inspire thought and curiosity. Her blending of introspection and technological marvels invite readers to journey alongside her characters – fostering a sense of connection that resonates far beyond the pages of her books.

Iris Birth of the Immortals by O. Bogosian

(Fiction, Fantasy / Epic)

A fantasy novel of epic proportions, Iris Birth of the Immortals begs the question – what happens when Earth collides with the heavens? Angels have become obsessed with mortals and break their oath as their guardians. The simple world of good and evil expands as beings of fire take their place within a broken world, creating an era of epic chaos.

The book in its entirety is a masterpiece that keeps you coming back for more. It is a gorgeously written, mythical epic about fantastical beings brought down by earthly lust to live and die among us in an era of chaos. It introduces you to fascinating beings – like a dark prince acolyte who wishes to bring otherworldly retribution to the one who exiled him from the celestial realm. There are thrilling themes sprinkled throughout the pages – highlighting temptation and the battle for good and evil. In addition to its breathtaking plot, you’ll be impressed by this mythical epic’s ability to sprinkle in elements of biblical history.

The Dragonslayer’s Maid by Elias De La Vega

(Fiction, Fantasy /Epic)

The Dragonslayer’s Maid demonstrates how morally ambiguous characters can be fiercely intriguing. The thrilling book chronicle’s a girl’s story learning to be a hero – from a man who no longer is one. Filled with intense action, this fantasy novel is a literary home run.

In the land of Kaldega, there is little difference between a hero and a monster. Justice is decided by those who are victorious in battle, and Claire isn’t one of them. After her parents’ death, she is rescued by a legendary hero known only as the Dragonslayer. Terrified of living as another victim, she becomes the Dragonslayer’s maid in the hopes of one day sharing his formidable strength. Faced with savage betrayal and an abusive home, she must steer herself without giving in to the allure of cruelty and heartlessness.

Blurring the lines between good and evil, this introductory book of the Immortal Breaker Trilogy showcases spectacular creativity with its worldbuilding and character development. It might be Elias De La Vega’s first novel, but you would think he is a veteran due to the spectacular way he chronicles this story.

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