Fall into Fiction: Three Novels to Read

There’s nothing like a good book on a Fall day. For the perfect reading experience, all you need is a coffee, a blanket, a candle, and you’re set for hours of cozy reading. If you’re looking for a new book this Fall, dive into these three fiction novels that take you back in time, introduce fascinating characters, and share stories that you can’t put down.

A Promise in Autumn by Barbara Morriss

(Fiction / Romance, Historical)

The year is 1915 and Keagan Cadagan confronts hardships on a daily basis. A poor, Irish Catholic girl, she is stuck in the Midwest, far away from home, and alone. But then she meets Raymon Woodrome. He owns a modest boarding house, and hires Keagan. Their relationship grows into one of love and passion. Love changes everything – but it also brings its own form of hardship. As their relationship progresses, they must confront what challenges it. You’ll be hooked as they uncover the ghosts of their past that challenge their love. This includes fear of Keagan’s former employer, coping with Raymon’s previous relationship, religious differences, the World War I draft, and the 1918 Pandemic.

In addition to being a captivating love story, the novel does a magnificent job taking readers back in time to understand the social dynamics of the early 20th century. Author Barbara Morriss tells both a wonderful tale of fiction, and recreates an accurate historical representation of the time. You will love this story as you follow Keagan and Raymon’s journey through a tumultuous era of American history. It’s filled with mystery and suspense, and also allows you to tap into your own sense of wonder. The pages are jam packed with culture and heart, and will remind you that you can always learn to love again. A Promise in Autumn is a book you will want to read this Fall!

Bluebonnet Days by Ali Marie

(Fiction / Romance)

Does love always find its way? That’s the most important question in Ali Marie’s page-turning novel, Bluebonnet Days. Life used to be simple for Weston and Sam. When they grew up in a small Texas outskirts town, it was just them and their love. But when Weston broke Sam’s heart, all she wanted to do was escape and forget. But life has a way of coming full circle. Years later, she must return home to help with the family ranch. Although she knew it would be impossible to avoid Weston, she hoped to establish her life before encountering him.

Weston, on the other hand, never forgave himself for breaking her heart. He’s determined to win her back, if only it were that easy. Sometimes loving someone is not enough. The novel shows that time brings change, and change brings challenges that sometimes are too difficult to overcome. Throughout Bluebonnet Days, readers will embark on an engrossing saga that brings up questions regarding love, time, and forgiveness. Can we heal through the most profound pain? And can we learn to love again despite chaos and loss? These are some of the novel’s biggest topics. The book is expertly written with extraordinary attention to detail and delivers on all fronts. It’s a wonderful book to have on your shelf.

Rara Avis by Julie Swift

(Fiction / Gay)

Rara Avis is a saga of epic proportions. It takes you on an unforgettable 10-year journey through the eyes of a young, gay, American architect living in Victorian England.

In 1890, Michael Callahan is twenty-years old and a talented architect. But this is a time in which acceptance and tolerance were extremely limited. After Michael’s father discovers him with another man, he secretly sails off to England to start life fresh as Colin Edwards. Finally, he could be himself.

Soon, he develops a relationship with his idol Henry Sewell, and seduces his way into a job and Henry’s heart. Colin’s world expands dramatically as Henry introduces him to an entirely new concept of being. Along his journey, Colin comes to understand what it means to be gay, Catholic, and an architect ahead of his time.

Julie Swift’s novel is a transfixing epic that flexes every literary muscle. It is both a journey of personal growth and discovery and also an accurate representation of what life was like during the Gay Nineties between 1890 and 1900. The narrative alone makes this book a must-read, but the historical anecdotes that thread through the story make it truly irresistible.

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