Five Books to Add to Your 2024 Reading List

Bring in the New Year the right way – with gratitude, celebration, and of course, reading goals. As you are building out your reading list for the year, take some time to check out these five indie titles. All are highly praised, worthwhile reads that have unique appeal to readers of all backgrounds. Happy reading!

Into the Shadows, I Ran by Tha Chhay and Matthew Raudsepp

(Biography & Autobiography / Survival)

Tha Chhay’s autobiography features the harrowing escapes that brought him from Cambodia to America. He is a “walking miracle” who survived Khmer Rouge’s forced evacuation of the cities, escaped their forced labor camps, and became a boy merchant selling and trading items on the borders of Vietnam and Thailand. At sixteen, Tha was able to save up enough gold to hire a guide to lead him across Cambodia’s land-mine infested areas to a refugee camp in Thailand. He persevered in the refugee camp for six long years before he was granted acceptance to immigrate to Seattle, Washington. His story delves into the psychology of survival and offers hope for others who need to pull themselves up by their bootstraps, even if their boots have holes and no straps. Tha Chhay’s testament to the horrors of the Cambodian genocide offers perspective on the current political turmoil around the world.

The Underworld Series, Rise of the King by RJ Kane

(Fiction, Romance / Paranormal)

Volume One of RJ Kane’s new book series is already one of the top selling books of the year – and for good reason. It’s an epic work of fiction filled with compelling characters and an irresistible plot.

Based on the myth of Hades and Persephone, “The Underworld Series” is a fresh take on the myth that challenges common perceptions of good, evil, light, and dark. Everyone has choices to make every single day and your life is a result of those choices. Sephie and the men she finds herself surrounded by find themselves on a path that has been paved over lifetimes. Each one must find their place in the world to leave their mark on it, while striving to make it just a little brighter with each choice made. Rise of the King is a testament to survival as much as it is a story about the people placed in your life to help you along the way.

Rescuing Morgan, Love is Just the Beginning by Dan Perdios

(Memoir / Dogs)

As a dog lover (and a proud Dog Dad), this book immediately took hold of my heart and would not let go. Dan Perdios’ story is a powerful reflection of the beautiful inter-species relationship between people and dogs. It tells the story of an abused Golden Retriever puppy and his forever Dad, in which Love was just the beginning of their complex, redemptive relationship.

When he first meets Sparky, a year-old Golden puppy from a tough neighborhood, Dan doesn’t know what to think, even though he had previously raised two Golden Retrievers. Full of mischief, quirks, and a fear of stairs, Sparky disrupts his life from the moment he enters it, and soon earns a new name: Morgan, after the spiced rum pirate. Rescuing Morgan details Morgan’s first years, as both puppy and dad test each other, compromise, adapt, and ultimately accept life on life’s terms. With tremendous amounts of love (and patience and discipline), Dan can provide Morgan with a home that heals his past and gives him a future where he can thrive. At turns compassionate, insightful, and hilarious, Rescuing Morgan shows how love ultimately triumphs over trauma and how grief can strengthen, not break, the heart.

Saving Myself: A Journey into Wellness by Jacqueline Reid

(Body, Mind & Spirit / Healing)

Saving Myself: A Journey into Wellness… is empowering. Each entry provides unique opportunities for people to take control of their thoughts, reactions, and emotions. It connects the writer through thought and process by creating a safe place to identify and examine situations, relationships, and their impact. It is used by all ages, as a personal reflection tool, allowing for calm, rational contemplation during times of stress. It is also used as a beginner’s staple for those needing a place to start as they aspire to master the art of the skilled communicator.

The Higher Power Probability Equation, Bridging the Nexus Between Science and Spirituality by HEBGG

(Body, Mind & Spirit / Spiritualism)

At the heart of this book lies an unveiling of a remarkable equation. This equation has the power to bridge the perceived gap between the cold, hard facts of science and the mystical, often inscrutable world of spirituality. As HEBGG explores this equation, you will gain invaluable insights, particularly if you have grappled with addiction or alcohol recovery. The pages are imbued with wisdom, offering guidance to those who are on a path of self-discovery or seeking a deeper connection with the essence of their existence.

The Higher Power Probability Equation isn’t just a book. It’s a beacon of hope. It will guide you on an odyssey of self-discovery, leading you toward spiritual growth and igniting the flame of transformation within your soul. It is an invitation to embrace a more meaningful and fulfilling life, replete with a deeper understanding of yourself, the world, and your place within it.

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