Giftable Reads for the Holiday Season

Do you still need to get the perfect gift for that special someone? Check out these books! Whether it is fiction, non-fiction, a children’s book, or even a cookbook, you can find wonderful gifts for readers you love on BookBaby Bookshop. Check out five of our most popular and giftable reads this holiday season.

The Handbook for Health by Dr. Christopher Turnpaugh and Dr. Cynthia West

(Health & Wellness / Longevity)

Share the powerful gift of health this holiday season! The Handbook for Health is a transformative guide written by Dr. Chris Turnpaugh and Dr. Cynthia West that distills the essence of lifestyle medicine into practical wisdom for longevity and wellness. This guide dives into the foundational behaviors that influence 85% of chronic disease outcomes, presenting the keys to health as simple as what can be held in one hand: diet, sleep, movement, stress management, and timely intervention through supplements or medication. Drawing inspiration from the Blue Zones, regions known for their high number of centenarians, the book reveals that while these populations eventually face common diseases, they do so much later in life, enjoying a longer health span.

The Handbook for Health offers readers a straightforward approach to crafting a lifestyle that not only reduces the risk of disease but also prolongs the time until its onset. By leveraging the interplay between essential health components—diet, sleep, movement, stress, and medication and/or supplements—this guide empowers you to create a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. With this book, learn to count the building blocks of a robust health regimen as easily as counting on your fingers, and pave the way to a future of better health and longevity.

Ese to Master Jefe by Raul Ramos

(Biography & Autobiography / Military)

As we celebrate the holidays and embrace the coming New Year, it’s a wonderful time to seek growth and inspiration. There is no story quite as inspiring as this one. In Ese to Master Jefe, Raul Ramos chronicles his emotional, raw, and inspiring life story.

Follow along on his uplifting journey from street gang life in South Central Los Angeles to earning the rank of Master Chief in the United States Navy. His one-of-a-kind story is certain to motivate and remind you that you control your destiny – no matter what hand you were dealt. Raul’s story reminds us that we are in control of our lives – and success is not pre-determined. As a young boy, Raul joined a hardcore street gang and faced profound adversity and obstacles. Yet, he never let his past destroy his future. In fact, he managed to rise to the top of military ranks. Throughout his book, he shares his trials and tribulations, along with his moments of success and gratification, all while elaborating on the memories of each step. Filled with inspiration, motivation, and truth, this is a must-read for people of all backgrounds.

Living Lies: A Novel of the Iranian Nuclear Weapons Program by James Lawler

(Fiction, Thrillers/Espionage)

Living Lies is an enthralling story about espionage, human frailty, and loyalty. The plot focuses on a covert Iranian nuclear weapons program, as written by a senior CIA operations officer whose career was devoted to battling the spread of weapons of mass destruction. He also led the CIA team which disrupted the deadliest nuclear weapons network in history. This is the first installment of a series of espionage thrillers.

The story begins as the U.S. is eagerly pursuing negotiations with Iran regarding their nuclear weapons program. A well-placed source in the Iranian delegation provides seemingly critical intelligence on their positions after he volunteers to a gullible CIA officer. The Iranian source, however, is a double agent controlled by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. A more talented CIA officer, Lane Andrews, recruits a legitimate source. His source discovers the stark truth in Iran and reports back at great risk to himself. Lane struggles in vain to convince the CIA that there is a double agent influencing the negotiations, but the U.S. and Iran strike a deal. The CIA Director, a narcissistic billionaire, is delighted that Iran has caved into the U.S. demands. Except it secretly hasn’t.

Living Lies will keep readers on the edge as they embark on a thrilling adventure filled with unexpected twists and turns. Lane must find a way to do the right thing and prevent largescale death and destruction in a world where trustworthiness is nonexistent. This is an unforgettable espionage thriller that will keep you coming back for more with each page.

All the Animals by Tiana Woolridge

(Children’s Fiction / Animals)

Whether it’s a stocking stuffer or under the tree, this joyful book makes a perfect gift for young readers.

All the Animals is a story about the loving bond between a brother and sister. Vanessa, who goes by the nickname Ness, loves animals. When her brother leaves her in charge of his pet lizard over the weekend, she makes a huge mistake. Orlando comes to her rescue and reminds her that while she does need to be careful with animals, he will always be there for her.

This story was written to commemorate and memorialize the relationship between the late Vanessa and Orlando Woolridge, two incredible human beings who left a beautiful mark on the world. Their love lives on in the bond between Orlando’s children/Vanessa’s niece & nephew: Renaldo and Tiana Woolridge. All the Animals is a true story from Renaldo and Tiana’s childhood. Tiana, the author, wrote this story using Orlando and Vanessa as the main characters to eternalize the strength of the Woolridge sibling bond.

Cookbook Volume One: Recipes from the Award-Winning Mountain Trek Health Reset Retreat by Mountain Trek Health Reset Retreat, Andrea Tarantino and Jennifer Keirstead

(Cooking, Health & Healing)

Home chefs and those who prioritize health and wellness will love this cookbook. It’s the perfect gift to share with someone who has a holistic approach to life, nutrition, and health.

In this first-ever cookbook by the award-winning Mountain Trek Health Retreat, Cookbook Volume One, you will find a collection of omnivorous, majority plant-based, micro-nutrient-dense, and macro-nutrient-balanced recipes served to guests attending the health retreat. These nourishing meals will bring you the benefits of balanced blood sugars, increased physical energy and stamina, mental clarity and performance, and emotional balance. Enjoy the creative process of cooking these meals and the opportunity to mindfully savor the flavors and textures. In addition to the recipes, you will find a more thorough investigation of the retreat’s nutrition program to be used as a resource for implementing sustainable change in your life.

You can learn more about Mountain Trek Health Reset Retreat here.

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