Indie Meets Mainstream: Four Independent Novels Comparable to Books By Your Favorite Authors

If you are searching for a new book, start here! This curated collection was created with fans of Emily Henry, Colleen Hoover, Game of Thrones, and Breaking Bad in mind. Happy reading!

If you’re into People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry, try Sugar Sand Road by Katie Schulze-Bahn

Much like Poppy and Alex in People We Meet on Vacation, Sugar Sand Road tells the romantic “friends to lovers” story of Kate and Will. Kate, an eccentric girl, moves to her aunt’s farm after a tragic accident. There, she meets Will and they become fast friends. You’ll follow Kate and Will as they navigate through childhood and early adulthood and take on life’s challenges. People with bad intentions, college, and other lovers all try to get in the way of this slow-burning love story. It’ll have you thinking of your own first love and all of the what-ifs.

If you’re into House of the Dragon, the new Game of Thrones series, you’ll be into Princess of Dragons by Abigail Spomer

If you find yourself unable to wait until Sunday night for the next episode of House of the Dragon, you’ll want to pick up Princess of Dragons to hold you over. Princess Ena McGrady always wanted to make a name for herself and break free from the castle. Her dream is to play the sport of Grimble, a deadly and magical sport. When the princess sneaks away to try out, the story really begins. Readers have raved about the strong female lead in Princess Ena as she stumbles into a forbidden courtship, an ancient war and being named protector of the Dragonian race.

If you liked Verity by Colleen Hoover, you’ll like Passions of a Killer by Frank A Lee

Verity Crawford and her psychopathic tendencies may have left you in a daze, but Passions of a Killer will be sure to get your blood pumping again. This psychological thriller follows Leneus Mercene, an LAPD detective, who is trying to solve a string of murders that seem to have an accidental cause. Much like in Verity, Leneus is working through his own demons as he tries to uncover the real killer. The story takes place over decades, across continents, and will have you guessing until the very end.

If you’re into Breaking Bad or Better Caul Saul, you’ll like The Red- Headed Cook of The Desert by Judy Muller with Cheri Mathews

Journalist Judy Muller co-wrote this captivating non-fiction book with Cheri Mathews, a woman serving a lifetime parole for murder. Judy and Cheri were initially able to connect over their common bond of addiction as they began their friendship. The book dives into Cheri’s story from abusive childhood, to meth addict, to convicted of murder, to redemption. Judy expertly weaves together Cheri’s own writing during her time in prison, interviews with Cheri’s fellow prison inmates, and her conversations with Cheri over a year to help tell this unreal story. It deals with themes of family, resilience, and redemption, much like the overarching themes in Breaking Bad. The only difference is that Cheri’s story really happened.

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