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Summer is a time filled with growth, opportunity, and change. As the days heat up, remember that there is no better time to take on new challenges and tackle long-held goals. If you’re looking for motivation, you can find it in our mid-month feature. Ese to Master Jefe is a powerful true story that will touch your heart, and inspire you to take the necessary action to live the life you’ve always wanted.

Already recognized as an absolute triumph, Ese to Master Jefe has been accumulating rave reviews throughout the summer. In the book, author Raul Ramos shares his empowering journey from street gang life in South Central Los Angeles to achieving the rank of Master Chief in the United States Navy. Through honesty, grit, and determination, he overcame seemingly insurmountable odds on his path to redemption.

The odds were stacked against Raul. Very few have the necessary fortitude to overcome such obstacles. In fact – most people would be destined for failure. But Raul is not like most people, and his journey to success demonstrates the power of second chances.  

The book shows that despite the unfair nature of life, success is not pre-determined. No matter the hand you are dealt, you can make something of yourself. With his book, Raul inspires us take control of our lives and overcome the pain and hardship of the past.

The best part about the book is that it is beautifully honest. Raul makes it very clear that there is nothing glamorous about gang life. Instead, he allows readers to see through his own eyes and understand why he gravitated towards it. He then shows how the United States Navy offered him a second chance at life. Taking full advantage of it made all the difference. Despite his trials and tribulations, he stands tall and strong today, and wonderfully shares every step of his journey in the book.

Raul and a copy of his book

Stay tuned for an exclusive interview with Raul that will be released on BookBaby Reads later this month. Remember that when you purchase Ese to Master Jefe on BookBaby Bookshop, Raul earns far higher royalties than he would on other retail sites. Thank you for being a part of this community and supporting incredible independent authors like Raul. You can follow Raul on Instagram @raulrrx3 and on TikTok @raulrramos57585968 so you never miss out on his latest content!

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