Featured Author June – Kristin Griffith

For all of June, BookBaby Bookshop is dedicated to highlighting our LGBTQ author community and all of the relevant books during the important days of Pride Month. So, take the time to get to know Kristin Griffith – a prolific writer who has authored several publications on LGBTQ topics, founded the LGBT graduate student, faculty, and staff organization at Rice University, and facilitated support groups at the Los Angeles LGBT Center.

Kristin is the author of Rush: Memoir of a Gay Sorority Girl – a captivating true story about coming of age and coming to terms with your sexuality despite the profound challenges presented by backwards thinking and social traditions.

Kristin grew up in the South during a time when who you loved and how you love was unfortunately ridiculed. In fact, she had never even met a gay person until she left home for college in St. Louis. In her memoir, she offers a deeply personal look into college culture and homophobia. She allows you to intimately witness her coming-out-journey and beautifully expresses the universal desire to be seen, understood, and accepted as our truest self.

Her story remains profoundly important, and downright inspiring. As a collective society, we’ve come quite a long way since Kristin’s adolescence. But as she will tell you, there is so much left to do for our world to embrace equality, love, and acceptance. If you ever find yourself struggling with your sexuality, gender, or identity, take the time to check out Kristin’s book. She is a wonderful storyteller who is capable of touching the hearts’ of all readers. Be reminded that you are never alone in struggle, and there is hope, light, and love on the other side.

Despite the challenges that she endured as she came to terms with her identity, Kristin now stands tall and proud as her truest self. She embodies everything about Pride, and is an inspiration who deserves to be the face of Bookshop’s Pride Month.

In addition to being a writer, Kristin is also a Product Marketing Consultant specializing in Technology companies. She holds an MBA in Marketing from UCLA and has worked with Tech companies including Netflix, Intuit, PayPal, and Adobe.

She lives in Oakland, California with her wife and two rescue dogs. 

If you are looking to learn more about Kristin, please follow her on Instagram @booksbykristin and on her website https://www.kristingriffith.com/. You can purchase the eBook for Rush: memoir of a Gay Sorority Girl on the BookBaby Bookshop today. https://store.bookbaby.com/book/rush

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