Laugh Library: Chuckle-Worthy Reads

In the bustling world of fiction, a hearty dose of humor serves as the perfect seasoning, adding zest and delight to the narrative. From witty observations to outlandish escapades, these humorous books weave tales that tickle the funny bone and leave readers grinning from ear to ear.

Secretary of the City by Lee Navlen

(Fiction / Humorous)

Liz White doesn’t hate her job, but she doesn’t love it either. Liz, a self-described slacker, is happy being a secretary to the Manhattan billionaire Henry Jones and his entitled, self-absorbed wife Leighton Jones. When Leighton once again pushes boundaries, this time flying off with an old flame on his private plane only to have it crash, Liz becomes a party to the coverup. From Henry to the governor’s mansion to the NYC media, it’s a game of cat and mouse as the lives they once knew begin to crumble around them. For Liz, that could mean unemployment. For Leighton and Henry, the consequences could lead to a lifetime of embarrassments. Secretary of the City is an ambitious, fast-paced, light-hearted look at the very rich and the very famous along with a glimpse at the lives of those who work overtime to provide the service and comfort they require.

Much Less Bad by Jeffrey Asch

(Humorous / General)

Mitchy, a daydreamer who always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, finally gets a lucky break when a winning lottery ticket falls into his possession. However, before he can cash it in, he must keep it away from his boss who owes the Russian Mafia a ton of money, twin brothers who believe the ticket is “henceforth and therefore” lawfully theirs and his sister who just wants to be “the richest bitch at the Jersey shore.” The only one who seems to be on Mitchy’s side is a local librarian with a kick-ass crooked smile. In other words, it’s a love story. Only funny.

Don’t Look Down: A Collection of Short Stories by Michael Colòn

(Fiction / Humorous)

Don’t Look Down: A Collection of Short Stories is a book about the chaos and beauty of life. Walk into a world of everyday problems, into the mind of the brokenhearted, and turn the next page to be invited into a whimsical story that could only happen in another world. Above all else, this collection of short stories is deeply relatable. As readers dive into each story, they will find that the author has a compelling ability to create characters and scenarios that mirror the everyday circumstances that evoke the entire range of human emotion. The storytelling in this book is inventive and keen, yet profoundly unpretentious. This is a must-read for readers of fiction, humor, and anyone who just loves a good story.

No Way Back Today by Eric Shoars

(Fiction / Humorous)

As Eric hurtles headlong toward the big 5-0, he realizes there is unfinished business and is determined to find his childhood friends, convince them to form their own rock and roll band, and to go on tour! He searches out Todd, Laurel, and Lorelei so he can fulfill that dream. No Way Back Today is the incredible story of the improbable journey of a reunion tour for a band that never was! The story of four Midwestern grown-ups and their childhood desires to create No Way Back Today in the face of improbable odds and middle age will have you both laughing and cheering as you recognize your own unfulfilled dreams.

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