Limited Time Deals on Books this Holiday Season

Whether you are shopping for yourself or for a reader you care about this holiday season, check out these popular Bookshop titles. These top sellers are offering limited time promotional discounts – just for you. If you are looking share the gift of reading this holiday season, this is a great place for you to start. Happy holidays and happy reading!

Black & Gold by Elizabeth McCoy

(Fiction / Fantasy)

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When the dragons attack, Elian Wilding braves the assault and runs into her city to save as many people as she can. Three days later, she wakes up, alive despite her dire encounter with a deadly black dragon. Her left arm is mangled beyond repair, and three black scales have grown into the skin of her arm. As the scales spread across her body, Elian is suddenly stronger and faster, capable of ripping any mortal man apart. She must learn to control her newfound strength, or she will become the monster people fear.

When Elana Montaire runs into a burning house to save children trapped inside, the last person she expects to follow her is Prince Ennis, heir to the throne of Calenor. Devastated by the sudden death of her fiancé a year ago, she has secluded herself to her studies. Taking refuge in her books, she never dreamed of marriage or love. But from the day she meets Ennis, she cannot stop thinking about him. Yet she and Ennis cannot deny their growing connection.

When Elian and Elana’s lives collide, they must decide whether they can trust each other. Beyond the horizon that has long kept Calenor safe looms a dangerous threat with the power to bind the fate of their kingdom to the choice they make.

Throne & Fire by Elizabeth McCoy

(Fiction / Fantasy)

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War is coming. It has been almost a year since the Dragonbitten warned the king and queen of the coming invasion. Now, the Kadians sail for Calenor and the fate of the kingdom rests with two young women. Elana Montaire Valentine never imagined she would be queen, let alone queen of a country facing an invasion. There are no lessons to be found in the history books, she must find her own path beside Ennis. Together, they need to find a way to defeat this oncoming enemy while struggling to unite their divided country. Navigating court politics is almost as dangerous as war itself, especially when so many nobles still distrust the Dragonbitten.

Elian Wilding, no longer hunted, now serves the king and queen of Calenor as the Dragonbitten. Even with her strength and power from the black dragon, she misses her friendship with Kellan. The distance between them only grows as the impending war sends Elian on a hunt for answers and Kellan helps lead men to meet the invading army. Time is running out as the Kadians approach the shores of Calenor. Elian’s search leaves her with more questions and if she wants to find the answers and make her way back to Kellan, she will have to confront her lingering fears about the dragon blood in her veins.

The Meaning of Okay by Cortney Raymond

(Fiction / Women)

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Kennedy Ellis puts up a good front, but she’s not okay. Years after suffering sexual assault, Kennedy’s trauma still manifests itself in relentless nightmares and dizzying anguish. She deals with it all by furiously burying her secrets and shame and avoiding intimacy of any kind. Rhys Curran moved to Texas to refocus on his career and start a new life not soured by his past. Soon after he meets Kennedy, his open mind and big heart unravel her ability to distance herself. As their friendship evolves, Kennedy’s secrets begin to surface, and she’s forced to face each one. Will she ever be able to overcome her past—and will Rhys stick around if he finds out the truth beyond her story?

Late for the Buss: An Adoption Story by Lee Klose

(Autobiography / Memoir)

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When you discover you are the eldest, biological daughter of Dr. Gerald Buss, the multi-millionaire, legendary owner of the Los Angeles Lakers, who also has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame; well, it can take your breath away. As a child, in third grade, Lee Klose overheard her teacher say to another teacher, “Well, you know, she’s adopted.” That hurtful statement launched a lifetime of wondering why she was given away at birth.

“Late for the Buss: An Adoption Story” explores the confusion she felt as a child and the challenges she faced as an adult seeking biological information on her family of origin. From the conflicting emotions she felt after visiting the Bureau of Vital Statistics in Sacramento in 1990 and receiving her “non-identifying information” to her membership in in 2017 that revealed her parental heritage, this memoir takes you on a bumpy journey through multiple childhood moves, a tumultuous teenage adventure or two, and on to a successful career with several twists and turns along the way. And finally, along with the understanding there is no legal claim to the family wealth, a visit with her birth mother and her biological siblings.

Sid Gordon, An American Baseball Story by Steven D. Cahn

(History / Baseball)

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Sid Gordon, An American Baseball Story, is the compelling history of the son of Jewish immigrants, and his efforts to make it to the highest levels of professional baseball. Gordon’s story is not unlike the stories of so many American families; Jewish, Irish, Italian, and so many others, caught up in the most turbulent period in American history. He grew up on the streets of Brooklyn during the Great Depression and had to fight off and withstand Anti-Semitism as he struggled to earn himself a place in professional baseball. This was truly the greatest era of the game, and Gordon not only made it to the majors, but he was also a two-time All-Star, and one of the best players in the league.

There are many books written about the star players of the game. This book, however, is more than just a story about baseball, and Gordon’s story is not limited to the years he played ball. What is unique about “Sid Gordon, An American Baseball Story,” are Gordon’s contributions off the field. Gordon played a critical, but yet untold role, in the integration of the game and the fight to end discrimination in our society. While Gordon played the game nearly seventy-five years ago, the lessons of his life remain relevant today, not only in sports, but in American society.

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