Memoirs Celebrating Women’s History Month

As we embrace Women’s History Month, it’s important to amplify the voices and stories of women in independent publishing. In celebration of this occasion, our fair-trade bookstore proudly presents a curated selection of literature penned by independent women authors. These poignant memoirs encapsulate the diverse narratives of women throughout history and across cultures.

Stories of a Scrappy Missionary Kid by Emmy Grace

Stories of a Scrappy Missionary Kid invites you to join in on the adventures of Emmy Grace who grew up as a third culture kid in Romania, became a travel nurse, and now continues to explore the world beyond her borders. She shares the humorous and heartwarming stories of faith, family, and friendships formed along the way. Emmy Grace retells her journey of growing from a shy child to a confident adult making friends, learning lots, and bringing hope to others on her many adventures and misadventures. In these pages, she recounts the places she has traveled to and the inspiring people she met along the way.

Pamela M. Galbraith: A Magical Life by Andrea Mills

Pamela Galbraith grew up in Cheboygan, Michigan with a loving family and one dream – to be a nurse. In 1972, she loaded up a VW bug and headed west with her cat and all the money she had. Her journey ended in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where she moved from ER nurse to one of the first female hospital administrators at UNM Hospital. She was instrumental in the growth of UNM Hospital, working to get it certified as a Level 1 trauma center, guiding the Lifeguard program, building the behavioral health services department, and rescuing several small hospitals in the state. Pamela was a remarkable leader and remembered for mentoring dozens of women and men in the healthcare industry and later at the State capitol. The Vigil family continues her work through the Pamela M. Galbraith Foundation.

Living While Black by Beverly Harris-Schenz

Living While Black: My Experience with Everyday Racism is a compelling collection of personal anecdotes that expose the stark reality of racial bias and misunderstanding faced by many Black Americans. This insightful book uses personal stories to provoke thought, conversation, and a call to action against systemic racism.

Bell Bottom Blues by Gail Lynn

Bell Bottom Blues is a sentimental account of a young woman’s array of coming-of-age experiences throughout the summer of 1972, including searching for acceptance and falling in love for the first time. Memoirs, they say, should be “an inch wide and a mile deep,” profound examinations of formative periods from one’s life, and Gail Lynn offers exactly that as she recounts one summer at the threshold of adulthood. This memoir explores her efforts to find and confidently claim her place within her family, her friendships, and the world in general while also honoring American music and culture in the 1960s and 70s. Even though it references one woman’s memories from a specific era and place, this piece’s timeless themes of hope, rebellion, and heartache will resonate deeply with readers from any generation.

Tales from A Rogue Ranger by Rosanne S. McHenry

Tales from a Rouge Ranger tells the stories that speak to the comedy and tragedy of being a park ranger: a job that is nothing like you might imagine. Set against the stunning backdrop of California’s American River Canyon, this is an engaging and wildly unusual read about the untamed life of a woman ranger. From drug busts and drunken brawls to teen romance on display; from an attack goose to a pot-bellied pig on the loose, these tales show the kaleidoscope of characters a park ranger encounters, giving the reader a fascinating look into a true ranger experience.

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  1. This is wonderful, Joe! Please don’t forget to add A Long Way From Iowa: From the Heartland to the Heart of France, a three-generation (grandmother/mother/daughter) story of a passion for reading, writing and travel–to your list. By another BookBaby author! Me! 😊 Merci!

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