National Poetry Month Books to Read

Celebrate National Poetry Month and support indie authors on BookBaby Bookshop! April is a time of tremendous beauty. In this season of rebirth, inspiration is to be found everywhere you look. Take some time during these early Spring days to enjoy the wonders of a literary artform like no other. 

Imperfect Blooms by Erin Clarke

Erin Clarke is a gifted writer, and I thought her book was exceptionally beautiful and deeply relatable. Imperfect Blooms is a poetry chapbook that celebrates the lifelong process of healing the mind. There are so many ups and downs throughout the tumultuous healing journey – and this book is a breathtaking expression of that.

Erin’s writing is playful, thoughtful, and radiates with compassion. She addresses themes like depression, perfectionism, mindfulness, and gratitude. Beyond that, her collection also examines our roles and place in the massive world around us. You will find that each poem is a love letter to the joys, struggles, and ephemeral magic of living. Everyone is healing from something. Trauma does not discriminate, and we all are confronting it in our own ways. Hopefully you are courageously moving forward in attempts to heal. If you are, you can find both inspiration and hope in this book.

Avocado Thoughts by Miriam Duen 

Avocado Thoughts is a diverse and unique literary triumph. It’s a compelling collection of abstract fiction, non-fiction confessional poetry, and prose that explores identity and self-expression. 

Miriam Duen’s thoughtful writing will help you grow and gain a deeper understanding of the world and your place in it. Much of the book focuses on the symbolism of an avocado and its seeds. An avocado seed grows and blooms in adversity. It is versatile in its own way. Through its magnificent beauty, we can learn so much about life at large. This is one of the many profound takeaways from the book. It is both insightful and creative – and certainly left a lasting impact on my life after reading it. 

From Heartbreak to Hopeful by Shelby Catalano 

Through darkness, we find light. That is just one of the many powerful lessons in this book. From Heartbreak to Hopeful is an exceptional dual-sided poetry collection that follows the path to self-love after heartbreak. 

Author Shelby Catalano takes you on a poetic journey through all stages of romance as you trek through heartbreak and find your way back to a place of self-love and hope.  

The book does a remarkable job creating beauty through struggle. The structure allows readers to read backwards and forwards for two complete stories. The collection consists of inspiring verse, witty affirmations, and explores gut-wrenching reminders of how heartbreak changes us – and ultimately makes us stronger in the end.

A Bridge Not a Wall by Martha Talburt

Hope and optimism flow throughout this brilliant hybrid work of poetry, art, and journal writing. Becoming a bridge – not a wall – has been artist Martha Talburt’s lifelong pursuit. This book is the product of her quest to do just that. It consists of 146 colorful pages of poems, pictures, and thoughtful reflections that could be read in any order. The result is an artistic and poetic masterpiece that flows with optimism. 

From motherhood to elderhood and the numerous reinventions of self in-between, Martha Talburt elaborates on the challenges, hilarities, disappointments, sadness, and delights which punctuate a life. Martha has traveled through 80-plus years with an open, expansive heart. This is certainly demonstrated through both her writing and art. The book has been referred to as a “handbook for our times” as it is a remarkable expression of the fierce knowledge one can only acquire through living. 

Close to Land but Nearer the Stars by Garry Glidden 

Nature is filled with limitless beauty – this book captures that through language. Closer to Land but Nearer the Stars is a captivating anthology of line, verse, and thought that was inspired by the author’s observations and perceptions of the natural world.

By reading this book, author Garry Glidden encourages readers to experience both joy and wonder as they become more mindful of nature and life’s inspiring manifestations. During a time of natural rebirth and awakening this Spring, this book is particularly relevant and beautiful to read. Glidden has an approachable writing style that will hopefully inspire you.

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