National Poetry Month: Editor’s Picks

As April blooms with the celebration of National Poetry Month, what better way to honor this art form than by supporting indie poets? In a world where creativity knows no bounds, these five books penned by independent authors stand as testaments to the boundless potential of human expression. Each page brims with passion, creativity, and a resounding echo of the human heart.

Green Hearts in a Green World by Mary Janet Fowler

(Body, Mind & Spirit / Poetry)

This inspiring, poetic book immerses the reader in an optimistic path toward finding our true place in the natural world. Combining essay, memoir, meditational exercises, and beautiful color photos, the author shows how the land, and the human heart are, and have always been, completely interconnected. Going well beyond modern religious, political, and economic ideas, these reflections draw the reader into the intertwining realities of the Green World of nature and the Green Heart of humanity. They describe and celebrate ways to find kinship with one another and with the entire more-than-human world, both material and spiritual.

Dandelions on a Hillside by Leslie Racz

(Poetry / Women Authors)

Dandelions on a Hillside is a collection of poems about the simple, meaningful things in life that will take you back in time to childhood. It will leave you with the good feelings that love, nature, and the different seasons bring. It also touches on the depth of loss; written with tender thoughts and feelings.

At the end of the poems, there is a section that reads, “These Pages Are for You.” This is a place for you to write down your thoughts and feelings or to create your own heartfelt poems, so that your book will feel special. Dandelions on a Hillside is for those who want to experience the different emotions and senses that poetry brings out in us. It has been said that “Poets are a mixture of artist and songwriter.” So may the melody in these poems send a song to your heart!

The Art of Emotions by Elya Rak

(Poetry / General)

The Art of Emotions is inspired by the author’s own experiences, emotions, and observations of the world around her. This collection features raw, authentic, and deeply moving emotions that explore themes of love, loss, identity, and self-discovery. With a passion for connecting with other writers, Elya hopes to inspire and empower aspiring poets everywhere. She believes that every voice deserves to be heard and every story has a home. Through The Art of Emotions, Elya invites readers to join her on a journey of self-expression and creativity, where poetry is a means of connecting with oneself and others.

A Bridge Not a Wall by Martha Talburt

(Poetry / General)

Becoming a bridge, not a wall has been artist Martha Talburt’s lifelong pursuit. With deep commitment, humor, irreverence, and luck, she shares her quest with us, vis à vis art, poetry and journal writing.  A Bridge Not a Wall is the result — a lively, color-filled hybrid of a memoir which shares her long sweep of a lifetime. Talburt’s memories flow out non-sequentially, in 146 pages of poems, pictures and reflections. Read her book slowly — start anywhere — it doesn’t matter. Savor the paintings, portraits, and drawings — the poems through which Talburt works out her stuff — the challenges, hilarities, disappointments, sadness and delights which punctuate a life.

Thoughts of You by Krishawna Crum

(Poetry / General)

Thoughts of You: A Poetic Journey Through Love, Pain, Relationships & Acceptance explores the raw emotions of everyday life. It invites readers to reminisce, reconcile, acknowledge, and embrace their past and keep a keen eye on their future. If you’ve known the joys of life or experienced the highs of new, profound love or even struggled to get through one more minute, one more hour— this poignant poetic journey is for you. It’s a balm for the soul, a salve for old wounds, and a much-needed inspiration for the path forward.

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