Nature Inspired Books to Read this Spring

Spring is in the air! Nature is slowly awakening from its winter slumber and life is beginning once again. If you find inspiration in the natural rebirth that surrounds us in the Spring, check out some of these nature-inspired reads on BookBaby Bookshop.

On Nature and Humanity by Lara Chapman

(Photography / Poetry)

On Nature and Humanity is a unique book that seamlessly blends visual art with the written word to take readers on an unforgettable journey. It’s a poetic collection of stunning photography that allows you to explore nature and experience its vast, stunning beauty.

Within the book’s colorful pages, Lara Chapman pairs photography with poetic verse – and effectively constructs a masterpiece. She possesses a unique ability to capture nature and all its magnificence through scenes found in the wild, and those in populated areas. You’ll see photographs of colorful birds, butterflies, flowers, and more scenes from South Florida. This book is a must-have companion for all photographers, poetry readers, and anyone else who is drawn to our vibrant, natural world. 

Tree Spirituality by DJ MacPherson                      

(Gardening / Trees)

Have you ever taken some time to think deeply about trees? After all, they are quite remarkable. With this book, you’ll learn some of the magical properties that surround trees and how to understand them.

Tree Spirituality uses stories, myths, and science from ancient to modern times to piece together the puzzles surrounding trees and nature. The author, DJ MacPherson, is an experienced horticulturist with over 30 years of experience. She is passionate about exploring the history and myths of gardens, plants, and sacred spaces. Throughout this interesting book, she details why trees are important to us, and how they can be preserved. 

Thirty of the Forty in the 49th: Memories of a Wildlife Biologist in Alaska by Robin West 

(Nature / Environmental Conservation & Protection)

Thirty of the Forty in the 49th shares the conservation history of Alaska through the eyes of a retired biologist. Throughout the book, author Robin West reflects on his 30 years of experience working in the far north.

Whether you’re a wildlife enthusiast or a conservationist, you’ll be fascinated by West’s challenges, accomplishments, and perspectives on key environmental issues. The book blends Alaska’s conservation history with the author’s personal experiences, along with the many risks encountered like bears, wildfires, extreme temperatures, and wilderness travel by canoe and bush plane. It’s a powerful book that offers a glimpse into a time of transition in one of the last great wild areas remaining not just in America, but in the world. 

Fruits of the Unknown: A Veteran’s 4,592 Mile Hike Across America by Alexander Seling

(Travel / Personal Memoir)

We can learn a lot about life by immersing ourselves into the wild. Nature is indeed one of life’s greatest teachers – and we see that first-hand throughout Fruits of the Unknown. The book shares the true story of a former Army medic’s 13-month hike across America that was both his therapy and campaign for veteran suicide prevention.  

Author Alexander Seling had been out of the military for a decade before beginning his hike across America. Tragically, like many veterans, he struggled with suicidal thoughts for years. After confronting his own darkness, he decided to embark on a Hero’ Journey and hike from coast to coast. This extraordinary book shares the invaluable lessons he learned along his voyage. Though nature brings immense hardship – like snow, rain, wind, brutal heat, and frigid cold – traversing the natural world also filled his soul with love, compassion, and wisdom.  

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