Powerful Books to Help You Grow Spiritually

Allow 2024 to be the year you stop doing, and start being. Give yourself space to focus on your emotional and spiritual health. No matter where you’re at in your journey, you’ll find value and enlightenment in these powerful books.

The Peace of Reiki, Practices for Co-Creating New Earth by Anya Light

(Body, Mind, & Spirit, Healing/ Energy)

This is the book Reiki practitioners have been waiting for. At once poetic and practical, mystical and comprehensible, The Peace of Reiki is a meditative guidebook for daring souls who wish to take their journey deeper. By engaging the simple, yet profound practices that Anya suggests, practitioners learn firsthand how Reiki goes far beyond being merely a physical healing tool or mindfulness technique. Reiki is, in fact, an all-encompassing path to enlightenment and world peace. It is a roadmap to New Earth.

Author Anya Light, PhD, is a Reiki teacher, sound healer, yogi, and poet. For over a decade, she has been attuning Reiki practitioners to the Usui Shiki Ryoho lineage.

Time to Launch by Bob Zimmerman

(Body, Mind, & Spirit / Inspiration and Personal Growth)

Time to Launch uses flying as a metaphor to guide you toward living your life with purposeful intention. Each of us has hopes and dreams that remain on the runway of our lives. Author Bob Zimmermann inspires you to take off by embracing your authenticity and focusing your energy on your inner voice of love and light, believing that you are powerful, uniquely blessed, and capable of all things. You will be guided through planning and preparation techniques for your daily missions so you can launch with confidence, soaring after your passion and what inspires you.

Understanding Myself: My Dialectical Journey into Self-Acceptance by Jacqueline Reid

(Body, Mind, & Spirit / Inspiration and Personal Growth)

Understanding Myself: My Dialectical Journey into Self-Acceptance is the second book in a three-part series of wellness journals. It is divided into two sections, is interesting and interactive, containing activities for discussion, debate, reflections, personal validation, and self-affirmation. This volume of dialectical journals also consists of original, creative works written by the designer of the journal as well as authors who are diverse in terms of age, background, culture, ethnicity, gender, history. These authors present creative, current, personal, even at times controversial topics from their varied perspectives. Each “story” is real, each shows the impact of events, people, and situations on the lives of those who have lived the experiences. They connect individuals as they address the universal experiences and truths that are common to us all. The result – self acceptance, self-empowerment, wellness.

The Secret Life of Memories by Michael Milo Faff

(Self-Help, Spiritual)

What do you think memories are? Are they real physical things, like little marbles rolling around in your head? Are they energy systems? How can we define them? Memories have a secret life that you will never know. Memories are profoundly influential in determining who you are. Yet, no one knows where memories are stored. In this life-changing book, author Michael Faff takes readers on a fascinating exploration of memories as he examines what they are, how they influence your life, and how you can change them.

Hope in Hopelessness by Deanna Hanger

(Self-Help, Mental Health)

Being human can be hard. For those struggling with mental illnesses, life can seem impossible. Deanna Hanger was no stranger to this concept. She was diagnosed with OCD, clinical depression, and anxiety in her twenties. This book offers insight into her journey while going through the most critical time of her life. Leaving you with a sense of hope when all else seems lost, Hope in Hopelessness is a powerful gateway into the mind of someone struggling with mental illnesses. It also serves as a powerful healing tool that can help anyone who reads it.

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