Reads for Lovers of Science and the Natural World

If science and the vast, natural world intrigue you, then check out this curated reading list. Filled with scientific guides and insightful explorations of nature and sustainability, this is an excellent list to enjoy as Spring nears and life begins anew once more.

Rational Answers to Stupid Questions by Eric Peterson

(Science, General)

Rational Answers to Stupid Questions is truly a must-read for anyone passionate about science. Author Eric Peterson is a science teacher from California and is known for his popular TikTok channel, Planet Peterson.

Peterson presents an expansive and meticulously researched book that addresses and dissects around one hundred of the most prevalent and persistent arguments that challenge and often contradict mainstream scientific understanding. This book is a comprehensive journey through various fields of science, systematically debunking misconceptions and unfounded claims that frequently surface in public discourse and media. The book is divided into several sections, each dedicated to a different scientific discipline, ensuring a well-rounded and thorough exploration of each subject.

Food: Fear, Faith & Fellowship by Vanessa Kovarovic

(Science, Global Warming and Climate Change)

In this book, you’ll learn that food means many different things to each of us. It can be easy to develop tunnel vision and forget about the complexity of how food can bring value to our lives. The first step is understanding that a mindset of apathy and dismissal regarding our daily interaction with food is not natural, and, in fact, taught to us through media and advertising. To move forward as a healthy culture, we must regain an appreciation for or build a new relationship with food. Reorienting our consideration of food can impact a variety of other issues that plague our society. Ultimately, food is the key to a satisfying and fulfilling life for us and our neighbors.

Oklahoma Native Plants: For People and Pollinators by Connie Scothorn, ASLA and Brian Patric, ASLA

(Nature/ Ecosystems & Habitats)

The native plants of Oklahoma are rarely incorporated into ornamental landscape plans. But why? Those plants have evolved to thrive in the diverse ecosystems of Oklahoma while supporting native wildlife. In this book, Oklahoma Landscape Architects Connie Scothorn and Brian Patric provide a conversational discussion of the beauty and benefits of many of the native plants. This will help you choose, plant, and care for native forbs and grasses that pollinators, such as bees, butterflies and birds so desperately need to thrive. This second edition of Oklahoma Native Plants has been written to include over 200 full color images, over 100 native plants and more advice to encourage a greater success with native plants in Oklahoma’s ornamental landscape. Oklahoma Native Plants includes the latest planting zone maps, a Q&A, Plant Selection Guide, an index of plant names (common and scientific) and additional resources, with pages of beautiful color photography of the plants themselves.

The Lactate Revolution by Shannon Grady

(Science, Anatomy & Physiology)

This book provides an overview of the science of lactate in human performance and an innovative, yet simple to use, approach to the application of lactate in improving human performance. This book goes into detail on the theories as well as numerous athlete case studies in several sports and their quest for peak performance using a physiology first methodology.

A Season and a Sense: Finding Renewal in Natures’ Rhythms by Gary Glidden

(Poetry, Nature)

A Season and a Sense explores the theme of the interconnectedness of nature and the human experience. Glidden’s writing employs vivid imagery and metaphor to illustrate complex ideas, drawing parallels between the changing seasons and the stages of life. He highlights the power of the senses to deepen our understanding of the world around us and reminds us to find beauty and meaning in the cycles of nature and our journey through life.

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